Does your Anti AGING skin care contain potential toxins? Many do!

What’s in your Skin Care? Does your Anti AGING skin care product contain potential toxins? Many do!

27 May 2020. Posted by Katie Larking

What’s in your Skin Care?

Many ingredients commonly found in so called anti aging skin care products potentially accelerate aging. Recently I took a look a 3 top anti aging skin care products sold in department stores. After looking at these brands and examining the ingredients I found they contained ingredients that are potential iritiants and toxins to the body therefore making skin aging faster.

$210 Brand Y

Bis-PEG/PPG-16/16 PEG/PPG-16/16 Dimethicone,
Propylene Glycol,

$368 Brand C

Propylene Glycol

$365 Brand L

BIS-PEG-18 / PEG-2

$131 Sisel Transfusium 

No toxic ingredients

24 Active Anti Aging Ingredients

What’s wrong with these ingredients. Let’s take a look at the The Dirty Dozen. The Dirty Dozen: Top 12 Ingredients to avoid in your skincare. Both Number 8 and Number 6 were found in all these 3 top selling high end anti aging skin care products.


Gaseous hydrocarbons which in a liquid state act as “surfactant”. They penetrate the skin so quickly and can weaken the protein and and cellular structure.

Usually used to make extracts from herbs.”

“6. PEG (Polyethylene glycol)

Ingredient that can alter and reduce the skin’s natural moisture factor. It adjusts the melting point and thickens products.

Usually found in cleansers to dissolve oil and grease.”

My question is why would companies use these ingredients in anti aging skin care? Because they are cheaper and give an immediate effect but long term they are definitely not going to help you keep your skin looking young. 

I personally love Sisel Transfusium with 24 active ingredients and no nasty chemicals they go to work to make you look younger and create a noticeable benefit. Sisel Transfusium brings ingredients that are best of science and nature together. Transfusium is formulated by Tom Mower. Tom’s previous line of products were featured in the book ” Unreasonable risk: How to avoid cancer from cosmetics and personal care products”. This book was compiled by Samuel Epstein the chairman of Cancer Prevention Coalition and this is how our Sisel Safe came about.

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