SISEL Hydrogen Stix

Hydrogen Stick (Stix) by Sisel

GET READY!!! Sisel’s new product release that has everyone talking is the New Sisel Hydrogen Stick (Stix). Hydrogen can dissolve and move across cell membranes so it can get into any parts of the body. Including moving through the blood-brain barrier.  Diatomic hydrogen is considered a very safe and powerful antioxidant.

Tom Mower talks Sisel’s Hydrogen Stick

Let’s hear from Tom Mower who recently shared information about this new Sisel Hydrogen Stick. (Hydrogen Stix).

Tom Mower: Sisel is going to bring out the hydrogen power powder stick. We think it’s called Sisel H2 STICK that you can put in a bottle of water or a glass of water. If you had a glass of water that’s about half of what a bottle of water is you buy the store.

Mix it a little bit not too much but enough to keep it in solution. You’ll have huge amounts of hydrogen being produced. You drink it, it goes right through everything. Nothing could stop it and it’s one of the most powerful antioxidants. Maybe the most powerful antioxidant that exists that I know.

It has that potential. So that’s going to be out and for energy. You’ll be seeing some studies. Look at the studies and the studies are going to show you what it does for Biological support it’s just enormous. (Sisel Connect Call October)

Sisel Hydrogen Stick

Aaron Rennert says the New Hydrogen Stick will be called Sisel Hydrogen Stix

Let’s read some information today.  Team Call for Siselers Connect and Sisel World Team Transcript. We heard from Aaron Rennert, VP of World Sales for Sisel.

Katie: So Aaron, what’s the most exciting, I guess the top two products that you see personally that you’re excited by and that you can see massive growth. I can see you smiling!

Aaron: The hydrogen powder which will be out called Sisel H2 Stix. There will be little stick packs you’ll be able to pour into a water bottle to have the hydrogen. That will be a massive flood of hydrogen in the body.

The cool thing about that is we’re getting somewhere between 1 and 3 parts per million of hydrogen from the H2 Machine. With the hydrogen powder, we are actually creating about 15 parts per million.

So yeah it’s a huge difference and one that is so beneficial in so many ways,  for so many different walks of life. I see it hitting so many demographics and that I guess that’s probably why I’m the most excited about. It really does so much for every part of the body.

Jacon Gouth, you had on the call a month ago, or so, maybe three weeks ago. He competes in triathlons so he knows about this. Well, we’ve got a few samples laying around the office. Jason has been using about them whenever he can get his hands on one.

He said,  look I can’t lie, I feel amazing after I take it. Jason knows the feeling of energy and what it’s doing and it’s not the buzz like caffeine buzz rush. A healthy pure hydrogen that’s diatomic hydrogen.

Sisel Hydrogen Stick

Sisel Hydrogen Stick contains a powder that generates diatomic hydrogen

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