Can diet and exercise reverse aging?

can diet and exercise reverse aging
Can diet and exercise reverse aging?

Can diet and exercise reverse aging?

Can diet and exercise reverse aging? No matter what you eat or how much exercise you are still getting older. It is going to take something above and beyond diet and exercise to combat aging.

Why does this matter? As we get older we are more susceptible to disease and illness and this equals pain and suffering.

Why is that?

After the age of 25, you being aging. This means your cells overall begin to deteriorate. All the cells in your body begin a slow decline downhill until death. Until you, you die.

But why does this happen you ask?

3 major factors in aging involved

“What we can say is that aging occurs when intrinsic processes,  and interactions with the environment, like sunlight, and toxins in the air, water, and our diets, cause changes in the structure and function of the body’s molecules and cells.” Ref

Simply put the human body has not be created by nature to live a long time.

Why is that? Because mother nature only cares that we survive and replicate.

After that, it doesn’t matter and we a subjected to the harsh elements of the natural environment and the even worse elements created by man.

Why diet and exercise is not enough to reverse aging

So it’s very clear that if we want to slow or reverse aging, in an effort to stop disease and illness from occurring then we need to go well above and beyond diet and exercise.

Can diet and exercise reverse aging? It can definitely help to slow it down but cannot reverse it. It is going to take something beyond this to stop or reverse it.

What else can be done?

If we want to slow the effects of aging right now, it makes sense to do the following:

Protect ourselves from excess UV.

Remove ALL toxic products in and around the home (switch to a safe brand that doesn’t have chemicals that damage DNA).

Clean up our diet.

Eating a clean organic diet with lots of vegetables, fruits, and plant-based foods is ideal. Limiting foods that are known to cause inflammation in the body including sugar, fried foods, and red meat.  Read more about foods that cause inflammation in the body.

Aging Processes

In recent times scientists have found aging processes and factors that inhibit our ability to regenerate and repair.

  • Some of these include
  • Telomere shortening
  • Cell damage causing NAD AND ATP reduction
  • Free radical damage
  • The creation of senescent cells
  • Cross-linking, glycation, and lipofuscin

The problem is as we age, cellular regeneration, that is essential to life, continues to decline. As it declines cellular waste builds up.

The DNA in our cells is made up of chromosomes. Chromosomes have protective ends called telomeres. Every time a cell makes a copy the telomeres shorten. Eventually, they become so short they can no longer replicate and they die.

Another issue with aging is the increasing number of senescent cells. Senescent cells are cells at the end of life. Once this happens the cell can no longer duplicate or function. Sometimes you may hear them referred to as zombie cells. Not only do that not function as they should they disrupt other cells and stop them from functioning.

At the same time stem cells decrease in number. This affects our bodies ability to perform tissue maintenance and repair.

Cellular waste also continues to build up inside and outside cells. This further adds to the aging problem. Cellular communication diminishes and the compounding effect of all of these things ultimately leads to the body’s inability to function and death.

Reducing excess UV exposure, and removing genotoxins (harmful chemicals from our environment).

So to recap can exercise and diet reverse aging ? No

At this point in time, we cannot stop aging. However, there are some natural supplements that can help to slow aging and support the body to ward of disease and illness.

These include:

The AGE Pill

The AGE Pill is a natural supplement that supports the boosting of NAD and ATP in the body. It also supports the removal of cellular waste inside and outside cells including the elimination of glycation and lipofuscin.

The H2 Stix

Hydrogen is the most powerful antioxidant in the world. It neutralizes the free hydroxyl radical when causes cellular damage and oxidation and free radical damage. The H2 Stix infuses 15-18 parts per million into your water.

TSX Telomere Support Extreme

TSX is a supplement that contains ingredients that support the lengthening of telomere.

D Bomb – Supplement to address cellular senescence.

D Bomb is a new supplement coming that will address senescent cells. This has been a major breakthrough in age reversal in the last 24 months.

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