Tom Mower talks about the Age Pill effectiveness

How does the AGE Pill ingredients stack up?

Compared to other anti aging pills on the market how does the AGE Pill ingredients stack up? Tom Talks about the AGE Pill ingredients. Tom mower recently shared the difference between the AGE Pill ingredients in Sisel’s product compared to others on the market

“You should be aware our blend of ingredients fills capsules enough from 4-6 of them, whereas the ingredients I have seen tested are only using a precursor to NAD. The capsule is small. Whereas The AGE PILL, as I calculated and hypothesize is up to 10 times more concentrated than most of the few products being sold.

Our goal is to provide 1,000 mg of precursor a day in our dosage. Whereas, in other competitive formulations, I have seen they are from 100 up to 250 mg. And these are simple formulas.

Compare this to the immense power of The AGE PILL and the comparison will seem insignificant next to our product, I truly do believe. “

Nicotinamide Riboside

You may be aware that scientists have provided research that Nicotinamide Riboside is a powerful precursor to producing NAD.  This has far researching health benefits to the health of humans. As previously mentioned in Tom’s talk,  1000mg of Nicotinamide Riboside which costs approximately $1000US per month.  A price that is unaffordable to most.

To get maximum effect, Tom states 1000mg is needed of precursor NR is needed in its pure form. NR  has to be taken at this amount because some of it is lost in the digestive tract and in the conversion process.

Bare in mind that Sisel has many ingredients that work synergistically together. Where as other competitor brands many only have 1 or 2.

Sisel also use a method of double covalent bond to get greater effectiveness of NR.  This means the ingredient can be used by the body several times over before it lost. This is something unique to the AGE Pill. This is the point of difference. By using this method Sisel’s active NR differs from NR in its original form, as discussed by Tom Mower.

Sisel uses enteric coated capsules to avoid digestion in the stomach, so the contents are released once they reach the small intestine thus getting a greater effect. Loss of ingredients in digestion can be minimised. Nicotinamide Riboside is denatured by the stomach acid. This is why it is important to pay attention the capsule. So if you are considering a competitor brand find out what type of capsule is used.

Tom Mower talks about the AGE Pill ingredients

Do your own research and compare

Furthermore if you are going to use or try another brand please compare it against the effectiveness of The Sisel AGE Pill. Do your own research and test it for yourself.

If you are wanting to talk and have questions, please contact me.

In conclusion, ask yourself, is anyone else doing what Sisel is doing? Are they keeping up with the science and re-formulating and improving as new research comes to light?

I believe you will find they are not.

This information and science is very face paced and advances are being made rapidly. This is a very important consideration, as nothing stands still.

Sisel’s AGE Pill keeps getting better!

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