Is Sisel International a good company?

If you are searching for an answer to the question “Is Sisel International a good company?” Keep reading. The following are extracts from the transcript of the most recent talk by Tom Mower President and Co Founder of Sisel International.  Tom Mower recently spoke at the World Congress Stem Cell Congress in Paris and was one of the keynote speakers. In the transcript below he shares unique insight into Sisel International and the cutting edge products he develops. In my opinion, this demonstrates that Sisel International is a good company, and much more.

Who is Tom Mower

Tom Mower Sisel Chief Scientist and CoFounder: 

“I can go on with so many things that are happening. The important thing to understand is the people are in a very narrow field they’re intense in the research and they don’t have much lateral thinking.

I was ready because they’ve been able to do the research that is necessary to make the conclusions and changes that are significant.”

AGE Pill News

“Understand this, from the beginning we are our manufacturing company we have the lowest cost of manufacturing because we have virtually no overhead we don’t have dividends to pay shareholders any of those types of costs that are there.

We have $100,000,000 plant with that we have the ability to take a given formulation and produce it for a much less cost that it would cost if it came out of any other plant, I believe in the world.

Now with that we could say okay we got great products or some more profit we can either lower the sales price or do a number of things like this.

I think that’s foolish just the way you should think about this. What is an acceptable price and what does it take to get the results that you want with the ingredients that you’re using now. Because of our powerful AGE Pill formulation no one could begin to compete with.

No one would really be able to sell anything like it or anywhere near it in ability and that’s why we’ve got this situation set up here.

With what we’re doing now I’m grateful, I feel blessed that I have the abilities and the knowledge and the desire to do these things. I’m here to work for you and I’m here for evermore however long that is going to be but I’m going to try and make that a darn long time.

I picked up on some skimpy science, then solid science came out of Harvard Medical School followed up by sources and other places around the world to validate and verify.

I could see the enormous power within and so could other companies in fact there’s one of the big soap giants a personal care product giant the largest in the world that’s invested two hundred and fifty million dollars just to produce the ingredient.

But they they have got it so that it’s so expensive because they’re trying to be so profitable with it that it looks like if they were really going to take it to a level of where you got maximum effect it would cost a lot. They’re saying if it’s a prescription drug it would cost between, they don’t know exactly, but around one to two thousand dollars a month.

Scientist AGE Pill

A new ingredient is to be added to the AGE Pill which will be a big bonus. It will support the removal of senescence cells that are causing aging to be faster because they are not producing new cells which you desperately need. Once you get rid of them the body has the ability to replace those with new stem cells and so that’s a remarkable discovery and that’s going to be out very shortly.”

After reading a snippet of this transcript from Tom Mower President of Sisel International, I feel you will agree that Sisel is something unique and remarkable. Sisel is much more than a good company.

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