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Fucoidan Discussion includes Over 1400 studies and numerous books

Fucoidan Discussion Audio Recording. 60 min. For centuries the Chinese have referred to Fucoidan as “Virgin Mother’s Milk”. Fucoidan Discussion with Doctor of Chiropractic Curt Ficenec guests Trevor Boshuizen, Katie Larking & Andrea McKinee.


Sisel’s FuCoyDon has 20 international and national patents pending.

1. In nature, one out of seven or eight molecules has a Sulfated bond that creates the biological functions that we are after. Sisel has Sulfated all the molecules so we have eight of the eight molecules with the bond which makes our product Intensified or eight times more potent than the competition.

2. Sisel removes all toxins (heavy metals, arsenic) allowing us to concentrate the Fucoidan in Sisel’s FuCoyDon product. The government allows only so many ppm (parts per million) of arsenic. The competition gives you between 1.62% -1.84% Fucoidan in their product, whereas Sisel gives you over 1500% more due to no arsenic in the solution.

3. Sisel uses an enzymatic patented process to divide the molecular structure into individual molecules for better absorption.

Furthermore, Sisel’s Fucoidan is from Tonga, which has a greater yield percentage wise (21% yield). Sisel’s Fucoidan also has all three types of Fucoidan, U, F, and G, whereas the competition has just the U form. The Tongan waters are pristine with no pollutants coming from manufacturing waste being dumped into the sea or Military bases with fuels deposited into the ocean from ships.

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