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A.G.E PILL Breakthrough

Sisel International is a Leading Research and Development Manufacturer with 18 scientists working to formulating cutting edge nutraceuticals based on breakthrough science. First to market with an extraordinary supplement that incorporates the latest science from current Harvard research.

Introducing Sisel’s A.G.E Pill. DNA repair is essential for cell vitality, cell survival, and cancer prevention, yet cells’ ability to patch up damaged DNA declines with age for reasons not fully understood.

More about the A.G.E. Pill Science

Sisel has developed its own science for an anti aging pill. Sisel’s product began with research below. Sisel has further developed the science. Sisel utilises this science below and came up with their own version.

Critical step found in DNA repair, cellular aging.

Harvard Gazette 23 March 2017

“Our results unveil a key mechanism in cellular degeneration and aging, but beyond that they point to a therapeutic avenue to halt and reverse age-related and radiation-induced DNA damage,” said senior author David Sinclair, professor in the Department of Genetics at HMS, co-director of the Paul F. Glenn Center for the Biology of Aging, and professor at the University of New South Wales School of Medicine in Sydney.

A previous study led by Sinclair showed that NMN reversed muscle aging in mice.”

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