Five ways Sisel sets you free

Five ways Sisel sets you free

2 July 2020. Posted by Katie Larking

Networking marketing isn’t for everyone. Being your own boss takes discipline, dedication, and ambition. As a Sisel distributor, you can enjoy freedom and opportunity that you won’t find anywhere else. Together, in this mission of health and prosperity, we can better our lives and the lives of others.



Here are five ways Sisel sets you free

1. Freedom to pursue a healthy lifestyle

Sisel seeks to explore natural solutions for health and wellness to help people better their lives. Along with healthy diet and exercise, Sisel supplements can help you stay on top of your game. And no matter what that game is, we want you to win. So, choose a healthy path and walk it free.

2. Freedom from toxins and harsh chemicals

Along with healthy lifestyle choices, Sisel frees you and your family from the harmful chemicals and toxins found in so many products today. Having a Sisel Safe® home gives you the freedom of peace of mind that you and your loved ones won’t risk being exposed to things that might otherwise have a negative impact on their health. Our commitment to you is to follow the Mower Mission – to only produce products that are guaranteed to be safe, effective, and good for the planet. The Mowers felt so strongly about this mission that when they founded Sisel, they made sure that they would own and control the manufacturing process to be free from the dictates and questionable practices of many third-party manufacturers.

3. Freedom to earn added income

Sisel allows you the freedom of starting a business from home with a minimal investment, no brick and mortar location, no inventory, and no employees. You share the products you already use and love by using the many tools Sisel provides and you get paid. Sisel is that rare opportunity that rewards you proportionately to the effort you make. The more you share, the more your potential income will be. The freedom of added income might mean a lifestyle change. Maybe now you can afford piano lessons for your kids or other extracurricular activities. You’ll be on your way to living life on your own terms.

4. Freedom to have fun and form meaningful relationships

Most people work their Sisel business part time. The last thing they want to do after working their day job is to do more work, which is why Sisel strives to make this journey with you as fun as possible. Sisel aims to create a culture that embraces change and encourages innovation, and strives to inform, enlighten, uplift, elevate, motivate, excite and inspire the human spirit. Sisel gives you the opportunity to meet new people and interact with like-minded people who want to change not only their lives, but the lives of those around them. We celebrate success together and work with some of the best in the industry.

5. Freedom to feel appreciated

Everyone wants to be recognized and rewarded for all they do. Sadly, traditional employment doesn’t always allow us to feel appreciated for our efforts. That simply isn’t the case with Sisel. Without you we would not exist. We appreciate all that you do and that’s why we are waiting in the wings to recognize all the hard work you put in. We are always working on new and exciting ways make you feel appreciated and proud of what you do. Let’s celebrate your success together!


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