Immune System Support NAD+

Immune System Support and NAD+

Article By Doctor of Chiropractic Curt Ficenec

Autoimmune disease occurs when something goes haywire and your immune system attacks your own body

There are about 80 known diagnosed autoimmune disorders that affect organs throughout the body. Autoimmune disease occurs when something goes haywire and your immune system attacks your own body. Some common autoimmune disorders are rheumatoid arthritis, type 1 diabetes, lupus, MS, chronic fatigue syndrome.

Modern medicine has no cure. In fact, most focus don’t understand this class of diseases. They rely on pharmaceutical drugs to cover up the symptoms in hope that patients will feel better. The drugs suppress the immune system and may leave the patient vulnerable to life threatening infections like pneumonia.

There might be a better answer. NAD+ is completely natural. It’s found in every single cell in your body. Exciting new research indicates it might reverse autoimmunity!

You see, NAD+ is the molecule that allows the transfer of energy from the food you eat too support the body’s vital functions. It affects metabolism, hormone regulation and EVEN SUPPORTS A HEALTHY IMMUNE SYSTEM!

In the most recent studies, Harvard doctors discovered it is possible it will fine tune the patients over active immune system.


That’s right….good news for everyone. The researchers tested NAD+ on mice with overactive immune conditions similar to human MS. There was a huge shift in the immune response and the immune cells stopped attacking the nervous system and actually began protecting it. In fact, NAD+ was shown to repair and help heal the damaged nerves.

What a finding!! If we can reset the immune system to quit attacking our own selves, we have a chance for the body to heal! I feel we have incredible hope for the future in the quest for a cure for many diseases. NAD+ might be an essential part of it.

When we are young we have plenty of NAD+ in our body

When we are young we have plenty of NAD+ in our body. NAD+ drops with age and function is impaired. Signs of aging begin to appear. Deficiency had been linked to brain degeneration, blood vessel inflammation, fatty liver, increase in belt fat, insulin resistance, fatigue, and loss of muscle strength.

About a decade ago this vitamin was discovered and it’s still widely overlooked by traditional medicine. It is made from a form of Vit B3 called NR Nicotinamde Riboside. In order to boost NAD+ you must boost the levels of NR.

Supplementation is the answer to NAD+

Whilst NAD+ is found in whole milk and other foods,  but in my opinion, not in high enough levels to combat the stressful lives we lead. Supplementation is the answer.

When Tom started talking about the AGE PILL, I knew right away where he was going. I’ve been taking NR for about a year and saw remarkable results. The ingredients I took were not in a powerful formulation like the AGE PILL. Just separate ingredients. So when I began taking the AGE PILL, I noticed improved health like everyone else. It’s not just the high levels of NR found in the product. It’s the combination with everything else.

Do you suffer from known autoimmune disease? Do you have asthma, allergies, or unknown causes of swelling and/or joint pain? You may want to take the AGE PILL.

Finally you may want to take a the A.G.E. Pill

It could help. It can’t hurt.

We can’t say cure or treat. This product has not been tested. I’m basing everything in this write up on studies of NAD+ and NR. I’ve looked at and even then NR from other companies. None have given me the results I see with SISEL AGE PILL. None

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