Chemicals found in infant bodies

Tests Find More Than 200 Chemicals in Newborn Umbilical Cord Blood

U.S. minority infants are born carrying hundreds of chemicals in their bodies, according to a report released by an environmental group.


chemcials in babies

Toxic Substances Control Act, (TSCA) does not require most chemicals to be tested for safety before they are approved for widespread use. Because of this, Trasande said, less than half of the 3,000 high-production volume chemicals on the marketplace have toxicity data, and less than one-fifth have toxicity testing data on the effects on developing organs.

“These results are alarming for their implications of health impacts on children,” Trasande said.

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These are now common findings and the amount of chemicals in our environment is increasing. Many people use potentially harmful chemicals on thier body on a daily basis. If you are seeking a brand of products to reduce your exposure to potentially harmful chemicals choose Sisel Safe Products.


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