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Would you like to hear a real review of the Sisel Weight Loss Products?

Curt Ficenec is a Dr. of Chiropractic. Tomorrow 1pm Melbourne Time 12pm Brisbane Time (11 January 2017) he will be discussing the topic of Weight Loss.


Curt’s comments about Weight Loss:

Spenda is a diet aid sugar, supposedly.

Now they tell us it causes thyroid issues and promotes weight gain. Yessiree Bob, pour some more of that in your soft drink and coffee.

Let me know when you are serious about weight loss, since last Monday I’ve lost over 10 pounds. By March I will be down a bunch more before I go on my cruise. By year end I will be down over 70 and I will keep it off.

Doubt my will power? I quit smoking 3 packs per day 27 years ago and have never craved or cheated on that. There are factors including will power, reason why, goals, methods and planning, as well as science.

The old eat less lose weight theory won’t hold. Do you think obesity went up by over 35% in this country in a 28 year period of time strictly because of eating more calories? The diet soda wars really started in that time frame. We should all be skinny and healthy.

Jump on my conference call at 8 pm cst on Tuesday (00 11 1) 712-775-7035; 657934# (1pm Wednesday in Melbourne 11 January 2017)

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