Makeup Trends from Sisel Beauty

Top 3 Makeup Trends

This article highlights the 3 top makeup trends from Sisel Beauty.

It’s going to be an exciting summer for Sisel distributor’s Australia. Sisel Live is about to be launched and Sisel’s makeup will be available for retail sale and direct sales very soon. Sisel’s make-up is toxin free so you can reduce your exposure to harmful AGING chemicals.


Here’s Sisel Beauty’s Top 3 Makeup Trends:

Brushstroke Eyeliner: the “in” look for eyes this fall is sweeping bold eyeliner. Everything from flipped corners to wild wings is what’s happening. Sisel Beauty’s Fierce SiseLash™3D is perfect for creating the bold eyes that will pop. Timeless Minerals® bronze shimmer and daybreak eye shadow are perfect for rounding out “the fall look”.

Sisel 3D Lash water proof mascra toxin free

Pouty Lips: whether you decide on Timeless Minerals® Desire, Sugar Plumb or Wine Berry, the pouty full-lip look is what’s in this fall and winter. Our Slim Lip Sticks are great for any mood and when you finish them off with the shiny wet look of our Siseln Lips & Hips™ Lip Gloss, you’ve got all you need to take on the world!

Full Flushed Cheeks: looking particularly “cheeky” this fall is where it’s at and with our Timeless Minerals® Blush, you’ve got all you need to really flush your cheeks to their fullest. Give your face the fall flush look with our all natural blush.

Sisels Timeless minerals Blush

Sisel Beauty’s Timeless Minerals® line of cosmetics is the first choice for women who want glamour without all the toxins. Sisel’s makeup is made with the Sisel Safe philosophy in mind, guaranteeing you that no nasty chemicals were used in its manufacturing and that it’s safe for both you and the planet.

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Last Updated on March 27, 2023 by Katie Sisel Distributor

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