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Alright well good evening everyone and welcome, this is Jackie Christiansen your host for the Sisel Wednesday night product call; we have a product call every Wednesday at this time. Tonight we’re going to be talking about one of my most favourite products, called SiseLean, and welcome all of you. It’s going to be a very informative product call tonight with our very special guest, founder and president of Sisel International and creator of SiseLean, Mr Tom Mower. But before I introduce Tom let me tell you about what we’ll be discussing tonight; this is an informative product call, for listeners to learn about the superior protein shake called SiseLean and what makes it special. We all know it’s good, we all know it’s great, we all know it helps people lose weight very rapidly but what is in it that actually makes it what it is? What makes it so great? We’re going to learn why it’s the choice for a protein shake or meal replacement, and what makes it unique and why it works so well in weight loss  effort. So without further ado I’d like to introduce Mr Tom Mower. Tom is, he’s a chemist, he owns and operates Sisel International, we have some guests on the line that are not familiar with Tom, or Sisel. It’s the company based in Utah that creates the finest nutritional supplements and personal care products on the market. Sisel stands for Science, Innovation, Success, Energy and Longevity and manufactures and distributes pure based products containing a biological value of nutritional ingredients products. Tom has also received recognition as one of the state’s top 20 trademark registrants at the 2010 Utah genius awards, in 2009 he donated nearly 1 million dollars (ECHO – which is an organisation [missing word] for orphans around the world. Also in 2009 he established stewardship [missing word] non-profit designed to the preservation of the fragile environment of abandoned children and endangered wildlife so you can see Tom is definitely a nutritional [missing word] in this industry), he’s making a positive and powerful impact with his superior products and company and tonight we’ll be discussing like I said, SiseLean of which Tom is the creator and manufacturer of the incredible protein product.

So Tom as the manufacturer of this product, you could have chosen any ingredient, you could have formulated this any way you wanted, I’m curious to know and so are listeners I’m sure, what is SiseLean and what makes it so special?

Okay thanks Jackie, and good evening. I guess I’m used to doing the good morning. A lot of people coming on to calls, you hear those pings, there’s got to be hundreds there, I don’t know how many is there, but a lot. I’m glad you’ve taken the time to listen tonight, because Jackie’s right. You can have a product but it’s what’s in it that matters. You can always have a beautiful label or a poor label, but really the proof of the pudding is in the eating as the English say. A lot of people say the saying goes ‘the proof is in the pudding’, but it’s not, it says ‘the proof of the pudding is in the eating’ and it’s the same with the formulations. Now what you put in them determines the results that you get.

Now a lot of results that people get from products are more psychological than rational, and I don’t like that. I want products that are based upon evidence-based results. And that can only come by selecting the types of ingredients to go in it. So I took a look at how to make a weight loss system. There was a number of things that we did, and if you look at our ‘fit and fabulous’ line, you’ll see we have things like an Ultramax which is a fat burning complex, and Accelerator which  Ultramax’s energy too and accelerate it which is a fat burning accelerator with it. And then we have our Slenderpops, and they will make you so that you’re not hungry, and it binds fat and flushes fat cells, so if you look at these then we have of course our Recurve which is actually a product for fatty deposits, like cellulite and things like that but the is SiseLean. And in SiseLean we’re trying to incorporate the most powerful biotechnology that we can find to address all the different aspects of weight loss. Meal replacement is probably popular, well it’s not probably, it is, it’s in the industry today but meal products are very different one from another. The important thing with the meal replacement, most people think is having low calorie and certainly that’s a significant part of it. But if you start to get down below a hundred calories you’re really doing well and we have one of the so we’ve certainly got that covered. But the other ingredients that are used in it, you really need some products that have got some punch. If you’re just looking at low calorie, then it can be difficult to lose weight on, particularly many of these low calorie products make you want to store fat when you come back off it or even in the process of doing it.

So I looked at, what is the most potent product that you could take to accomplish a number of things and I found one and it comes from complexes that are in milk. Now a lot of people say ‘’oh no I don’t drink milk for that’’ but we’re not talking about milk here, we’re talking about it as the source. I mean think of it like this; you may not like snakes but they make a lot of medicines out of the poisons don’t they from the snakes? And with that they don’t poison you with it, they find out what’s in the poison they can be used for one thing or another. So really it’s the extract that we’re after and it’s the same thing that we’re after for milk. So we take milk protein concentrates and with those, you need to understand that in milk there’s about 11 hundred different types of compounds that’s in milk. And milk, while you might think that it’s mostly water, while the fact is, it is not. An apple has more water in it, than the same volume of milk does. We don’t really think of it that way but it depends on the nutrients and how they’re structured. And they’re liquefied nutrients and they’re hung in solution and in suspension. That’s two different things. So some are ionic, that means they’re very small, some are colloidal, that means they’re larger but they’re not too big to fall out of solution, they hang in suspension but they’re not in solution themselves. Now that may not mean a lot to you but what it means to us, is we look as these ingredients and we find the science that’s out there on how certain components, parts of them work and so we take them apart to a process in the system that is quite what we do is we run it through a filtration system that’s in low temperature and the reason why we do it low temperature to start with is so that we don’t destroy any of the enzymes, those are very helpful in the process of doing it. And so then to get to Jackie’s question, what kind of proteins do we get out of it? Well we get the kind out of it that really are shown; they have evidence based results that they work. So we get things like selective proteins, and they’re called serum proteins. Serum means they’re very pure and they’re very specific in one task or another. And then we also get other types of amino acid complexes which are called peptides and polypeptides and there’s to peptides but peptides is the most important part of that word that you need to know. Peptides can be nothing or they can be enormously powerful and because they are what they call cell signallers, they can signal cells into certain types of activity. They carry a message with it and when they contact a receptor that they transfer that message and the cell responds from it. Now it happens if you actually drink a glass of let’s say raw milk you would have that in, but unfortunately when you drink a glass of milk that you buy in the store, those same proteins, those peptides, those polypeptides that you would have in milk to start with when it comes from the cow really are destroyed. They’re called denatured and it’s because of the heat that they’re put under. When you put heat to a protein it degrades and so they call it denatured. And as it breaks down it becomes a mass, well really they’re the type of compounds that you would call organic, but they’re less than that because they’re decomposed. They’re meaningless other than they have nutritional value.

So that’s one of the reasons that we don’t use heat. But it’s also the reason that you don’t get that biological activity you get in nutritional value out of milk if you drink it but the biological activity is destroyed in the processing.

Now they must heat it, because to sell it there’s a lot of puss in milk and there’s a lot of bacteria in milk. And the fact is milk, they can have up to, normally milk when it comes from the dairy can have from 200 000 to 700 000 units of puss per millilitre. Now a millilitre is not much. That’s a lot of puss isn’t it? A lot of bacteria to go along with it. One thing you need to understand with cows they’re always in a state of having an infection, mastitis one or another so there’s always puss and why? Because cows are laying around, they lay around in manure and on the ground and everything else and they get infection into their udders. And so with that they also have to hit them with antibiotics to kill the infection that they get or they don’t product milk, they produce a yellow fluid that’s pretty much puss and urea. So I’m telling you all of these things to show you that when you buy milk, or when you buy a weight product, really you’re getting denatured proteins and while they might have nutritional values so your liver or your cells can take them and make things out of them, like for muscle or tissues, they really don’t have the biological activity to signal or to initiate a function because that has been destroyed in the processing.

So big answer to Jackie’s question, so it comes down to this. If you want to keep that biological activity and you don’t want to have all of the materials with it that you don’t want, if you want the pure proteins that are biologically active, that respond to the body just the way they’re supposed to in nature, then you have to do a selective filtration process and we call it micellar processing. There’s also components that have the mineral component of milk which are called caseinates and they’re very delicate structures but they are so potent too, especially for helping to increase fat burning and to build bone, they’re another type of protein that the inorganic minerals, the 7 major ones that build up bones in the body and keep and of course things of that nature and so we go through this micellar processing. You might think of it literally like this; that if you had a roll of toilet paper and it has all of the roles that keep going around it and each one of them had holes in it from the centre out and they became smaller and smaller and smaller at each role of the tissue, it’s the same thing we have in our filtration system, it works like that, of course it’s stainless, and other media to do it, and at certain sections the particle is too big to get through it and it just sloughed off. Now it might be sloughed off and saved, and used for something because perhaps it’s milk fat, and they can use it to make butter or something of that nature and maybe in some places they want to take off the mineral complexes with it because minerals from milk are also valuable. But if you get smaller and smaller you generally as a rule of thumb get into proteins that are very specific and very bioavailable and bioactive and that’s where we’re after.

Along the road all of the things that happen or that you don’t want, things like lactose, for people who are lactose intolerant, and incidentally if you don’t know, the darker the skin the more lactose intolerant you generally are. Second is you don’t want milk fat, you don’t want bacteria, you don’t want puss, you don’t want the herbicides and pesticides that are in the grass and the feed that the animals eat to produce the milk and you don’t want the antibiotics that they’re shooting into the cows to keep the infection down and you definitely don’t want the hormones that they put in cows to increase milk production. So all those things you don’t want, but through this processing system which you call micellar it removes them along the way. And then we get to the point of where we’re taking out specific serum proteins and then we get down to polypeptides, then we get down to peptides. They’re very small molecules but they’re just like little explosive charges ready to go off if you can think of them like that when they go in to the body. And that’s how we get our proteins, specific proteins. The one thing’s that we don’t want are gone. We have some larger bulk proteins that we save along the way to give the mass that we need to build it but the thing we really want to get to is to the serum proteins, the peptides, the polypeptides. Well a lot of talk about that, but that was the first thing that we do. So when we have those ingredients then we can use those in the formulation, and because they’re so pure and so refined they don’t have a bad case to it. In fact we put a little flavouring in, a little vanilla flavouring, but just a little, it doesn’t take much, and it’s easy to alter too because it’s not loaded up with a lot of the things and particularly some products use a lot of soy and that tastes very bad, that’s hard to overcome but with these pure proteins and even with whey you can have a taste but not strong like these because they’re so pure. So now you have this complex and that’s how we derive it. Incidentally the cattle that we want to get the milk from are what they call grass fed and instead of being on hay and grain and things like that have been raised and sprayed with herbicides and pesticides, you can get milk from cows that are on pasture that has had nothing sprayed on it at all and so it’s a very pure food source and therefore very pure milk as far as that goes without those herbicides and insecticides that contaminate milk regularly with it. So that’s our goal just to have those kinds of ingredients in it.

So once we do and these ingredients are chosen through this selective process we really have extracts that come in 2 different forms. There are the serum proteins that come out of the component from whey but they are not denatured, they are not destroyed, they’re intact and all of the biological activity that they have remains intact, that’s what makes them extremely valuable more expensive to get. The other is the cathenate, and when you have a micellar, and this is technical so I won’t get too technical, but you have a micellar calcium caseinate, oh that is so good because it has proteins on the inside and the outside, it’s like an umbrella sort of that unfolds, and as it goes through the system it slowly keeps fat burning and feeds nutrition throughout the entire body. So you have these 2 different components and they have a broad profile of all kinds of amino acids and you have all the different ones, and I will be posting something out fairly shortly to show you what the breakdown is of them, some things like leucine, we were making sure we have quite a bit of that because it’s very important there. But now you have a component that we put together. And when we do we put it in a dough so that you’re going to get a tremendous amount of 2 things; fat burning and tissue building. Because most meal replacements you’ll lose about 25% lean to about 75% fat. What we want to do is we want to increase the lean with this and so if you have these serum proteins and peptides and polypeptides, they’re just like the growth factors and the natural growth factors that are there, they will go into all of the cells in your body and they’ll be triggering them to grow like they should be, and then you have the nutrition with the spectrum of amino acids and protein complexes that are there to actually, and we believe to increase, we’ve got to test our products of course but this is the ingredient that has been tested and what it does is so that it will increase lean body mass. So that’s really quite revolutionary for a meal replacement rather than to try and keep you from losing as much lean as possible. This one is designed to increase lean. In fact it’s Jeff Pram who’s two time Mr Universe, this is all that he’s using now to build his muscle mass because he says it builds it so much easier than the other just vague plain like weight protein [18:22] concentrates that he uses for muscle building. This is much more effective than it because there’s specific, they’re not dead proteins, that’s what [18:33] they’re alive. And so with that, the ones that come from whey are very very powerful in building the lean. They also jumpstart and fuel the body’s fat burning system and anytime you have protein you’ll have some increase in fat burning but when they’re denatured proteins they’re doing not too much, a little. But when they’re not, when they’re serum proteins you have all the power of nature and biology in it. So they’re isolated, you’re not going to have to worry about things like lactose or milk fat or those other things that can affect you, with these they’re so pure that you jumpstart a high level of burning fat. When that happens and you start burning that lean, the cells themselves now send out signals to fat cells, to release fat because they need energy in which to build the new lean within your body. So here’s the theory behind the weight loss with lean again and lean. And that is, as you increase the fat burning of course that’s consuming calories, and the demand is for fat so that can remove calories from fat cells and so if you have a low calorie meal replacement too you’re taking and you’re being satisfied then you don’t have as much calories that is in your diet so you’re going to have less to store. But if the isolates and the serum proteins that come out of whey energize rapid fat burning then you’re going to take them from your body to burn it too, because you’re low calorie and you’re not taking any fat and the cells are demanding it.

So this is a novel way instead of being low calorie and not restoring or building up fat reserves and hoping that it’ll be used in normal biological activity, this is really bioactivity the way nature designed it and it’s not like drinking milk, they are so highly concentrated that they go to those cells and trigger that really high rate of fat burning for about 2 hours. Now the micellar calcium caseinates come along and they’ve got the mineral complexes in them and so they will trigger, or support, sustain rather than triggering fat burning at a lower rate but it’s the slow burn and it lasts for about 6 hours, approximately. So you get a lot of energy being consumed just to build the body at this time. But also the caseinates that are in it because they’re not just denatured by heat, they are ready to jump in to action to help to increase bone density and to build up the mineral content within your body, especially bones and teeth and areas that need it like that. so here you’ve got the one component, that comes from the whey, the serum proteins, the peptides and polypeptides, jumpstarting your fat burning and really increasing the building of lean, the second component, the micellar calcium caseinates, they’re going and they’re increasing the bone density and still keeping the fat burning going. So what a combination. I’ve explained a lot because you’ve got me tonight unfortunately and I’m giving you more of a technical aspect but just take your right hand and your left hand; in your left hand you’ve got the serum proteins, peptides, polypeptides from whey, and you throw them into a cell, it increases fat burning rate, it wants to build tissue, and it sends the signals to fat cells, ‘’give me fat so I can build’’. The second one comes along and that’s been going for about 2 hours and then it comes on and it keeps that energy going, that burning of fat and energy being consumed for about another 6 hours, not at that level but high in the process it starts contributing these calcium caseinates and there’s about 7 major minerals there and they start feeding the system so that you can build strong healthy bone, just like a young calf grows from birth to become a mature cow, it can do it on milk because everything’s there to do it. So that goes on and so there you’re building bone density supporting the building of bone density, supporting the building of lean muscle tissue. So when you’re done you essentially have 2 things; in our theory, our equation if you’ve lost 20 pounds you should have gained about 5 lean and lost about 25 fat. That’s the goal that we’re shooting for. So if you take a plus 25, there are a plus 5 and a minus 25 what do you end up with? 20 pounds of loss but the difference is you gain 5 lean and you’ve lost 25 fat. Compare that with other meal replacements when they’re using, and I’m not really going to go into those and the chemistry of it but those that are basically just denatured proteins and whey and soy they can have protein isolates and soy isolates and that but they’re broken down, and soy, it really doesn’t matter anyway because it doesn’t help you to build lean. But anyway with that one, in theory we believe you’ll lose about 5 pounds of lean and about 15 pounds of fat, so let’s look at the difference with standard weight loss products and compare some. Because if you’re going to sell a system first of all you have to find a need then you have to create doubt with what they’re using and the third is you have to provide a solution. So we certainly have the need, 60% of America is overweight. Number 2, if you’re losing 5 pounds of lean and 15 pounds of fat to get a 20 pound loss it’s good and it’s bad, you don’t want to lose the lean. So if you come along and do a comparison with ours instead of losing 5 pounds of lean you gain 5 pounds of lean, that’s 10 pounds difference for the same 20 pound weight loss. 10 pounds difference in lean an improvement from what you would be, and the fat loss? 15 with the other, 25 with ours. So you may not quite lose as many inches but you certainly will firm up and you’ll see the inches going away and your lean building, you’re having a healthier firm body simply because of that equation, so that’s the important thing.

Now the other things that happen with this, we put components in it to enhance it and to make it work better and when you don’t denature the proteins the way that we do with our micellar processing, you have 2 things happen. In the stomach you have receptors that tell you when you’re full and receptors that tell you when you’re hungry. and so there are components in milk to start with that we can extract out in these serum proteins and they’ll hang on to both receptors and on one it will attach to it and quickly, and because especially caseinates are so bulky and they unfold as they’re getting compressed and they’re like an accordion it just unfolds as it gets into the stomach so you have a sustained feeling of fullness for a long time and in the process it’s hanging on to that receptor because of the chemical nature of it so that you feel satisfied for a long time. It is also attaching to the receptor that when your stomach is empty makes you feel fun and it hangs on it for a long time so you don’t feel hungry, you feel full, and you have a feeling of fullness and you’re burning fat, you’re building lean and you’re building bone  better than that and then you have none of the different toxins that are involved in it so you can see how they work together. I think I’ve pretty well explained most of the things that you need to know about this product. Except, how do you use it? Well it’s really easy to use, it mixes up so easy. If you’ve ever tried these kinds they are very hard to mix, why? Because they’re just cooked into zomboo and then they’re hard to dissolve. With this, they’re the selective proteins and they dissolve so easily it’s going back into solution because they’ve been taken out under pressure, under low temperature and they’re not broken down so they’ll readily go back into solution whether you put them into milk, water or a juice or whatever you wanted to do. But then we fortify it with an array of other ingredients with it and because the natural ones aren’t down, we have a chart and it’ll be out tomorrow and it’s called fit and fabulous, look healthy, feel healthy, live healthy, and it shows you the ratio of how many types of ingredients you’d have to take in a day to get the equivalent of a scoop of SiseLean. Now I’ll just run through it really quickly, it’ll be on the tape but it’ll also be up on our site tomorrow. One scoop is equivalent to the vitamin D and protein and 16 names, imagine that? It’s equivalent for vitamin E and for broccoli, for 1. 7 cups, in peaches for vitamin A it’s equivalent of 6 peaches. 2 and a half chicken breasts for vitamin B12. 1.8 cups of yoghurt for the calcium, well yeah there’s a lot of calcium. 1.7 cups of bran for the magnesium and 21 ounces if you can imagine drinking that much of the tomato juice for the vitamin B6, and 6 ounces of cheese for the zinc and 3 and a half cups of lima beans for the, and 17 slices of white bread for acid, 23 spears of asparagus for riboflavin. 2.3 cups of mushrooms for the  34 apples for the chromium that you need. 11 stalks of celery for additional magnesium. 3.5 tomatoes for the molybdendrum and 4 pineapples for the digestive enzymes, see? Because we don’t destroy those enzymes and we don’t add enzymes, we don’t have, we don’t destroy them in the process, as others do. And 34 prunes for the fibre. So that’s a lot isn’t it? You can’t remember that, I’m sure you’re going to need to write it down, but that’s for a dollar sixty four, that’s what you get. That’s what it costs you for a scoop of this product as a meal replacement. So now what are you talking about? Well it doesn’t cost you very much to eat in place of a meal replacement. I mean if you go off and buy yourself a hamburger, shake and fries, I don’t recommend that or even a drink and where are you at? You’re at 6 bucks, 7 bucks, so you save yourself 5 dollars and it’s a much more healthy meal and you turn yourself into a fat burning, muscle lean building machine. It’s exactly what you want and it’s extremely healthy for you. So you have all of those. Now this sheet that I talked about showing you all the components that are in food that are in a scoop of SiseLean that’ll be on tomorrow. Also, and it might even be on tonight, or it definitely will be tomorrow, on our website we have completed a video for you, and the video is on SiseLean talking about it and it has testimonies and a number of things like this and it’s from real people. It’s from people that really lost the weight on the product. You see it and then we have a 90 day challenge that we’re putting people through. Our challenge is different. You see the challenges that these other companies have and you see all the contestants that are winning their cases and they all have muscles like a body builder and six pack abs and where did they get those? They didn’t get it out of that can of that meal replacement they were eating, they got it at the gym. So? What would you say they fudged on the contest? They weren’t honest with it, they actually went out and exercised those pounds off and built that muscle definition and 6 pack abs and everything they get they’re claiming it was the products so they can win the contest? Well I’m all for people doing that kind of thing because that’s very helpful, at least to build their body but to win the contest, I’m thrilled to see the people like Jeff Bluck he’s lost a hundred and some pounds, that’s 13 belt sizes and Jeff hasn’t been pumping iron to get that kind of thing and now I’m looking at Eric Martenson and he’s lost I think 45 pounds in about about 42 days and I tell everybody he drops a pound faster every day than I change socks. Because I haven’t changed 45 pairs of socks in 42 days I can guarantee you that, so I mean how’s that for weight loss? And you know what competitors are saying to you? ‘’oh that’s not safe’’. Well they’re absolutely correct it’s not safe if you’re using their product. But their product is all cooked up, denatured, broken down and it’s just a gob of protein goo if you will, and ours is not, it is made out of these serum proteins, and peptides, polypeptides, the micellar processes, the micellar calcium caseinates. So these are very pure, very powerful active ingredients ready to go to support your body, rather than just be a glug of nutrition that your body can sort of sort out to use the best way possible. That’s the big difference between the two.

So you can see with the SiseLean it’s an extraordinary product. And you know what? It’s at an extraordinary price. We’re selling this when you can buy a canister of this for 50 dollars and you see these really inexpensive products selling for 50 to 75 dollars, how can we possibly do it? Because these ingredients as you can imaging they’re costing about 5, 6, maybe 8 times as much for these ingredients that makes up these other competitive products. The cost is enormous in comparison to them but 2 things we do; we make the products that we sell and almost nobody else does. They get it made from someone else that does that, because it’s quite a complex process to make powder products like this but we have the equipment and we do it. Therefore that big cost of manufacturing we absorb and that allows us to buy more expensive ingredients and use them in the quantities to work. The second thing is our plant is all paid for, we don’t have any rent, any lease payments, we have no loans or interest to pay back, we can plough that back in to the product too. So we have some tremendous profit centres because we make our product and we’re debt free and it allows us to make this power packed product for rapid weight loss just like Eric Martenson he’s having rapid weight loss and I saw some people, competitors were trying to take him to test and I jumped to it and just posted a few things and I said you don’t know what you’re talking about, fit rapid weight loss is safe because of what he’s doing. Was he doing it any other way? No, it wouldn’t be safe. But his biology is and Eric comes on and says ‘’yeah I feel great’’, and you know that’s your best indicator, ‘how do you feel?’ He felt fantastic because it was really helping to build his body and still is, as he’s losing all of those pounds, so that’s the way it works. Here’s the exception where rapid weight loss is good for you because instead of losing lean you are building lean, so how do you like them apples? Or at least those meal replacement shakes. One of them you lose 5 lean, with us you gain 5 lean, that’s 10 pounds of lean difference or 20 pounds. The other you lose 15 pounds of fat, with ours you lose 25 pounds of fat. You’ll both weigh the same but 10 more pounds difference in lean for us, 10 pounds more weight loss in fat for us, that’s a winner as far as I’m concerned. I don’t know who else could figure it out any different than that, which kind of math that we’re talking about.

So SiseLean is really the extraordinary product of all time. It doesn’t have any of the potentially harmful ingredients in it that all of these other products pretty well to the best of my knowledge contain and it’s got everything that you want. So these are the types of elements that we put into our products and now you can be proud to go out and to sell it and now we have our website up, we have a video up, we have this page up and we’re just going to unleash this week all kinds of sells aids and brochures materials so that you can go out and sell it like crazy. What we should do with this because we’re going to have, and we are already having such tremendous success, is we should really get with it because the contest is going on, we’re going to have some tremendous prizes, the challenges, the winners, but the big winner is going to be everyone because this is the weight loss product where you can lose it fast and keep it off and when you get done your basic metabolic rate will be higher, with other metabolic systems it will be lower because they’re supressing that with the types of chemistry that they are using or I’m talking about plant chemistry but this is very very different so it’s extraordinary and this is the premier product that has ever been created. It could be created but I would think a company, most companies doing it would probably be selling it for 150 to 200 dollars for a month’s supply for what we’re doing. So we’ve got the right price, we’ve got the right product, rapid weight loss, lose it fast, keep it off and be much healthier. So anyway that’s my presentation tonight for SiseLean, and I’ll turn it back to you Jackie.

That was incredible and just chock full of information, thank you Tom so much and everyone on the call. Not only is SiseLean the best weight loss shake out there, protein shake out there, you know it tastes great, it has added ingredients that you know that Tom didn’t even mention. It’s got protein powder,  protein powder, organic fulvates, it’s got 51 essential trace minerals, it’s all natural, these added nutrients just make it an incredible meal replacement. You cannot find a better product out there in this category I mentioned before I started recording the call, I’ve been drinking these shakes for almost 30 years, my husband too and that’s a lot of shakes. This has the best ingredient profile I have ever found. I’m also getting the best results I’ve ever had as far as putting on muscle, it’s just incredible. And also with regards to weight loss the amount of quality protein in your diet is the single most important calorie that influences your metabolic rate and it influences weight loss but it also, this quality protein helps to sustain of course muscles during weight loss and it improves your muscle fitness but it also increases your immunity, antioxidant functions, it builds the good HDL cholesterol and it enhances insulin and  functions so all of this contributes towards optimum weight management over time, it’s a great product so not only should you be taking it if you are attempting to lose body fat and gain muscle, but you should be taking it because that added protein in your diet if you’re having 3 meals a day you should be supplementing with protein too. The higher your protein balance, the higher your nitrogen balance in your blood which means the higher your metabolism is so it’s all great, Tom thank you so much for being on the call tonight, I took a massive quantity of notes, it was so informative and it just well, thank you for putting it in plain English so we could all understand and look forward to the chart tomorrow, look forward to the videos, you’ve just done an incredible job putting this product together and making it available  for all of us, to help us with our help us with our health and help us with our fat burning and weight loss efforts.

Well thank you Jackie you’re sure welcome and I appreciate all of the people who are, just tons of people who are on the call tonight, I can’t believe how the signals were going on and on so there’s a tremendous amount of excitement, it’s the type that gets your rear in gear there’s nothing like this for total health, for total weight loss, this is incomparable, there’s never been a product like it before so let’s get it going.

I love it. Well thank you once again Tom, have a great evening everyone and I’ll talk to you all…

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