MEGAmmune Sisel Product Pack

Sisel MEGAmmune Defense Pack

MEGAmmune Product Pack

MEGAmmune Defense Product Pack

Megammune Defense Pack

Mega immune threats require a mega defense strategy. Vitamin C and Echinacea alone simply won’t cut it. Like it or not, the fight is on so don’t go into battle with a pocketknife. Sisel has your weapons of choice to hit on every front with the MEGAmmune Defense Pack.

Please note: The pack is currently not available to Australia and New Zealand Residents please purchase the MEGAmmune products individually. 

This powerful immune supporting pack includes the following products to work synergistically for MEGA results:


MEGA Fortification For Your Immune System
InFLUence gives your bodily defenses an edge and helps you supercharge and fortify your immune system. This arsenal of targeted nutrients provides massive support and fortified defense against potential health threats.


MEGA Support for Cellular Health
Combining the incredible health benefits of limu moui extract with the dynamic antioxidant support of fulvic acid, bodySHIELD™ helps you support your immune system’s ability to shield you from exposure to health hazards. This natural powerhouse offers heightened cellular protection, increased nutrient uptake, and aids in improved detoxification. Paired with superior thyroid and immune system support, bodySHIELDy packs a mean, nutrient-charged punch for anything life throws your way.


MEGA Broad Spectrum Immune Support
Avenger uses ancient, natural remedies and advancements in nutritional science to create a synergistic combination to feed your immune system so it can function optimally. This product contains a powerful blend of highly concentrated ingredients, including Lime and Elderberry Extract. Take avenger to provide intense support for immunity, vitality, and cognition.


MEGA Cellular Health from the Sea
This nutrient-packed supplement is derived from limu moui (fucoidan), a complex sea plant found primarily around Japan and the Tongan Islands. Put through a furious gauntlet of scientific studies and research, the active component of limu moui provides unparalleled support for a number of crucial biological functions. In fact, the National Institute of Health has shown that fucoidan supports increased energy, enhanced immunity, and helps maintain normal glucose, hormonal, and circulatory functions.


MEGA Fresh Oral Hygiene
Your mouth is a critical first line of immune defense. Your saliva contains antibodies that attack foreign invaders like harmful bacteria. Terminator is a potent companion in the fight against bacteria in your mouth. Using stabilized anthium dioxide and xylitol, Terminator naturally eliminates odor and bad breath without the artificial mouthwash sweeteners that can feed bacteria that cause plaque and cavities.

(all above Product information is from the official Sisel INternational NEWSLETTER)

Aus/NZD pricing: (25/3/2020. CURRENTLY Not available in AUS/NZ please buy products individually)


( $170.00 PV | $139.00 CV)

MEGAmmune Pack Contains:

  • Avenger
  • FuCoyDon
  • Body Shield
  • InFLUence
  • Terminator 2oz

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