How to earn money with Sisel

To earn money with Sisel you need to remain qualified and enrol a preferred customer or distributor. The more preferred customers and distributors your enrol the greater your earning potential.

Commission is paid into your bonus bin account, the next day for fast start and preferred customer commissions. The 15th of the following month for Direct Comissions.

You need to remain qualified for commissions.

To qualify, you can either order every 30 days, or go on autoship once a month. We recommend autoship.

Yes you are right some months have less than 30 days some more.

So if you are on autoship what happens?

Sisel have accommodated for this by allowing a few extra days.However we still recommend going on autoship because its easy to forgot and miss out all together.

Summary of the Sisel Ranks. Its starts with 50 PV for  a Master Builder.

So what is the minimum order to earn money with Sisel?

The minimum order to qualify for commission (to earn money with Sisel)  is 50 PV. 50 Points Value. Points value is close to the actual dollar amount paid. Sometimes a little less depending on the product. You can see this value when you are ordering. It is also totalled at the bottom of the order.

If you are wanting to get earn more that 200-300 dollars in commission we recommend going on 100PV autoship. However to start with 50PV is fine. (Note as you increase in rank you need to order more each month, the maximum is $300 for a 3 Star Master).

Table with depth of commission payment. As you can see from the table below you qualify for commission up to 4 levels deep in your organisation with a 50PV order. Any depth below this you dont qualify, and in this case when that size is reached it makes sense to be ordering the 100PV.

What are the basics?

So you earn 25% commission of the total BV (Bonus Volume, this is close to the PV amount) for each order for newly sponsored Distributors and Preferred Customers. After the first 36 days of registering with Sisel any orders your Distributor places you earn 7%. However with Preferred Customers you earn 25% for life as long as they order and you remain qualified. That means you have the minimum order required for the depth at which they join. See summary of Sisel Ranks diagram.

The compensation plan can be confusing

The Sisel compensation has a lot of depth and can be quite complex. So, to avoid confusion, its best to start with understanding these 3 payout centres (there is 8 payout centres in total).

  1. Fast Start Bonus pays 25% of the BV of each newly sponsored person (for the first 36). When they place an order
  2. Preferred Customers pay 25% of the BV every order they place
  3. Direct commission for Distributors starts after the 36 days lapses. Any orders placed by the Distributor after the 36 day is now paid at the direct commission rates 7% (assuming you qualify)

Fast Start Bonus Explained

Earn money with Sisel Fast Start Bonus

Preferred Customer Commission Explained

Earn money with Sisel Preferred Customer Commission

Direct Commission paid for Distributors Explained

Earn money with Sisel Direct Commission paid for Distributors

What do I need to do start earning money (commission)?

You need to first place an order and then ensure you order every 30 days or go on autoship of 50 PV. You then need to sponsor a Preferred Customer or Distributor (use your Sisel website link to enable them to join). They need to place an order for you to qualify.

Make sure you are qualified before registering with Sisel a Distributor or Preferred Customer.


What do I need to do to get products for free?

Products for free would mean you would be earning about $300 dollars a month (depending on what you order). To earn this in commission you would need to sponsor 6 Preferred Customers who order 200 BV each month.

Alternatively you could do a combination of Preferred Customers and Distributors. Bare in mind Distributors pay 7% after 36 days. (Before this it’s 25% commission for the Fast Start Bonus on Distributors).

Therefore, if you enrolled 6 Distributors you would earn $300 in Fast Start bonus if they ordered 300 BV.

Finally where can I find more information?

For more detailed information on this topic please visit our Sisel Compensation Plan web page.

Last Updated on March 27, 2023 by Katie Sisel Distributor

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