Mower Message – Thomas Mower Sr Manager of Global Operations

Mower Message – Thomas Mower Sr Manager of Global Operations

Thomas Mower Jr

Message from Thomas Mower Jr

7 May 2020. Post by Katie Larking

“” am excited to be in this new role as the Senior Manager of Global Operations, helping to ensure that you have the right products at the right time so you can grow your Sisel business like never before without interruptions.

As I think about all the jobs that I have had growing up with Sisel—along with all the lessons I have learned—it is this one that I feel most strongly about. Many elements make a successful business. Each part contributes to the whole, however, I feel particularly passionate about our logistics and its importance in allowing us all to push the Mower Mission even further

We have something great here with Sisel and together we will help tens of thousands, even millions of people realize that they can be toxin-free and take back their lives to be healthier, happier, and wealthier. I love our Sisel family! I love our life-changing products and compensation plan! I live it, I love it, and will work hard to keep this machine well oiled.
Thank you for all that you do.”

Thomas Mower
Senior Manager of Global Operations

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