My Sisel Story by Katie

My Sisel Story by Katie

Hi my name is Katie I’m from Melbourne Australia and this is my Sisel story.

When did you join Sisel International?

So I joined Sisel around 2011-12 when it opened in Australia, about five years ago.

Why did you join Sisel?

The reason I joined Sisel international is because of the Mower Mission. I have met Tom Mower President of Sisel. I knew him from his previous company and I absolutely love the products, the science and the mission. The product range is absolutely phenomenal I mean you really cannot find any other products as good as these.

I just absolutely love educating and empowering people giving people the opportunity to improve their health and improve their wealth by earning an extra stream of income and get products for free that are really just going to help them.

What Makes Sisel Unique?

The results, constant testimonials that we get from people how they felt before and after using the products how they look before and after using the products and just that the science is so cutting-edge.

They have a team of around 14 PhD scientists working on formulations and product inventions and i just love having products that work so well and that are safe, Sisel Safe and free from potentially harmful ingredients.

What is your favourite Sisel product?

My favorite Sisel product would be tsx telomere support extreme. I became really excited about this product when I saw the story on the news about telomeres and mice and how supporting your telomeres can really help and assist you in improving your health. So i started using the product straightaway. I loved it so much that I’m even giving it to my labrador who is thirteen years old and she’s beautiful.

What are you hobbies and interests?

My hobbies and interests outside of Sisel are going to the gym, weight training and participating in fitness competitions. So I did my first fitness competition two years ago and I can honestly say that I feel the sisel products really helped assist me in competing and achieving a physique that I can say I was proud of for being in the over 40’s category. Contact me at [email protected] (add or follow me on Facebook

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