Natural products for colds

 Natural products for colds.
Natural products for colds.

Natural products for colds

Today we are sharing some powerful natural products for colds. They are the perfect products to keep in your kitchen cupboard during the winter months.

“I always like to have them on hand. Personally, I find these products very powerful. “

Before we talk about natural products for colds let’s understand what happens to our body during winter. 

No doubt cold weather can be hard on your health. However many people seek out winter activities such as swimming in frigid water. This is believed to do health wonders. There is science backing this that indicates it can have health benefits.  But, it’s not all good news.

Blood pressure can increase during winter

Cold weather may trigger the fight-or-flight response. Cold weather makes the heart pump faster, blood vessels tense up, and an increase in blood pressure. 

Blood pressure increases during the winter, and there is a 70% increase in the death rate during winter. It can even be traced back to heart attacks, strokes, and other cardiovascular causes of death. 

Flu is more easily spread in winter

Flu season is a winter event. Flu viruses spread more readily once the air is dry and chilly. When this is combined with the reduction in UV exposure which reduces vitamin D. Cold temperatures and low vitamin D may be a problem.

People who have less visceral fat feel the cold more

You may have heard that fat people can stay warm, it is easier for them than a thin person. What is interesting it is not the visceral fat that collects on the outside of the body tummy, legs, thighs, hips etc. It is visceral fat that collects in the abdomen. 

So a person that appears to be thin, but has lots of visceral (internal fat around the organs) will keep warm. Vs a person that has low visceral fat.  

Blood pressure increase during wintertime according to research. French researchers showed the cold-weather increase in systolic blood pressure (the top number) was especially pronounced in those ages 80 and older. 

Cold air contributes to respiratory conditions

British cold  researchers say that there is a connection before cold weather and the common cold. They believe this is caused by cold air rushing into the nasal passages. This makes infections more likely by reducing the body’s immune response. 

Natural products for colds – What can you take for a cold?

So what can you take to support your body during winter? I recommend these 3 Sisel Products. They are great to keep in the cupboard and have on hand during winter. It may help you get through the winter months and potentially avoid a doctors visit. 


Have you heard about Fucoydon? A perfect drink to have on hand and take during winter to fortify your immune system.

During winter are more susceptible to coughs and colds. There is a vast amount of research available on about fucoidan and how it is being used to treat ailments and illness throughout the world and it actually “helps support” instead of destroying the immune system! Fucoidan, a nutrient found in certain seaweed, actually helps and supports the body to fight infection, unlike drugs that can potentially have harmful side effects.

Whilst we cannot make claims on Fucodyon you can research the active ingredients and make up your own mind. This video provides  3 party validation of the power of fucoidan. Please watch this news clip (3 minutes).
Fucoidan Special News Report – Health Benefits


Sisel’s Avenger, contains 10 Extremely effective and very highly concentrated ingredients. 

Sourced from spectacular ingredients from ancient Chinese natural medicines coupled with technologically advanced discoveries in modern science, Supports improved immune function and cognitive function. By taking Avenger™ just twice per day, you can provide intensive support your body may really need to improve its immunity, vitality and cognitive abilities. Sisel’s Avenger™ has been specially formulated to offer intensive, broad-spectrum viability for a wide range of immunity support issues.


Nobody likes getting sick. Achy joints, upset stomachs, headaches; these all seem to pile up as seasons change and our bodies adjust to new weather patterns, bacteria, and more. If you are looking to fortify your body why not try Sisel’s Influence (IN-FLU-ENCE) to support the body to protect us from the constant barrage of colds, the flu, and other sicknesses.  

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