What’s coming for Sisel 2022 – new product release

Tom Mower Jr Sisel International CEO shares what’s new for Sisel in 2022. New products include Sisel Deodorant, Sisel Colloidal Silver, plus new skin care coming soon. For those on Sisel auto ship you will receive an extra 5% discount.

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Tom if you’re on the college just hit unmute, can you hear me now yes we can loud and clear right and uh thanks for having me today uh you’re stuck with me um today and I’m thrilled to be on the call and uh uh milo’s running my a b and maybe that’s why i had a hard time getting on i don’t know but i don’t care uh today I kind of want to I want to take a a few minutes and and kind of have a mower mountain wrap up we’ve gone through the pandemic we’ve been boarded up in our houses we’ve had supply chain issues and i want to go through some uh major points and uh some programs that we’ve launched over the last couple of weeks i want to talk about some new products that we’ve launched that i think a lot of people will be very excited about but I want to talk a little bit about the state of sizzle as we continue to grow i want to show you a little bit about you know what transpired during the pandemic and what has uh you know what what the trending’s been and where we’re going and uh and uh so thrilled to be here this is our big one of our biggest weekends in in America you know we have our independence uh holiday this uh three-day weekend and so but before i get started uh this is a real celebration for me to be on the Australian call and congratulate each of you for surviving the last couple of years and uh for being part of sizzle and the dynamic mission that we started uh quite a few decades ago and so I’ll have milo run my PowerPoint as i talk about it let’s get started milo with that.

First I want to talk about the state of Sisel and uh with what’s happened and so with that we went through uh mower mountain and uh we had about 260 Amish people that came here it was a hard time because travel is just opening up and and people had a hard time coming out here and if you know anything about the Amish they travel by walking by horses or or getting rides from others so they came by trains they hired buses they hired drivers and came out here and uh they’re really uh on fire and uh really living the malware mission in so many ways and the the blessing to them is they’re creating dynamic businesses and so first let me tell you a little bit about the state of sizzle let’s go to the next slide so um one thing about it i thought that that you would find interesting uh these are the the you know you hear the old rule you know uh 80 of your sales 80 percent of your success is found within 20 of products or twenty percent of your active distributors and so this is kind of a an interesting slide you can see what the majority of people are purchasing and uh one thing I found uh uh quite interesting uh well i have for the last few years we started out with the malware mission all in personal care products it was about shampoos and lotions and making products uh safer for people and you know then we moved into nutritional realizing their deficiencies in nutrition but realizing there’s dynamic power in nutrition that we can live longer we can live healthier we cannot just take care of the symptoms but we can take care of a lot of the problems through powerful nutrition.

As you look through these products obviously you see everything from food and being number one which we have the patent on making the most bile available through Fucoydon and in Australia you know there’s probably some of the most dynamic research coming out of Tasmania and even to where unfortunately there’s been a big push to try and make it a pharmaceutical but the real excitement about that type of energy going into Fucoidan it means it works and we know that as we get on the computer and we we compare against the mangosteen the mother  of all of the super fruit juices that have come out one thing we see is that where there might be a a smattering a sprinkle of some scientific interest in these others we have seen uh since we became involved in patented the most bioavailable form of Fucoidan what we have found is that now there are thousands of researchers investing investigating and putting their time and their money and their energies into finding out why food coin is so powerful meaning that it’s adaptogen why does it have such a positive effect on cholesterol why do people in Okinawa who consume the largest amount of brown seaweed anywhere in the world have over 450 people over the age of 100 and and then all of the demographic studies that I’m sure you’ve looked at uh realizing that the same people can change their diet remove Fucoidan and then what happens they go back to the a national average of the diet the what they live in but when they consume guess what life’s better health better longevity is better because it is so broad spectrum in so many ways.

As you look through these products I mean you do see the Eternity and and Spectramaxx and other things that also are very vital to longevity but we see a lot of other powerful nutritional substances in compass 360 the most broad spectrum vitamin mineral complex out there that’s why it’s called 360 because it’s 360 degrees for nutrition to fill in the voids no matter where you’re at in the world you’re deficient in something with a normal diet and uh but what you’re going to see this year excuse me you’re going to see more skin care I have spent a lot of time investigating and so we’re going to move back to uh some of our routes and get back into more personal care there’s been some leading science into moisturization and cellular health we’ve started cleaning the cells out with Stemolytic and and the age peel and making our ourselves run better with our h2 sticks uh but there’s things that we can add to make our skin healthier more supple uh yet longevity out of the cells and and make us look like we’re younger and make our skin feel like it’s younger so you’re going to see more of that as we go on let’s go to the next slide and so um during the pandemic that I find this an interesting slide a lot of people will uh relate with this um if you go back to June of 2019 uh you can see what our average back order count was and then obviously is the pandemic and covet and supply chain issues and companies shutting down and companies going out of business and it became more and more difficult to get supplies.

People ask me what are the cornerstones of Sisel of the Mower Mission well one of those is obviously researching the science but then controlling it from that aspect all the way through the stages of production meaning that we are the purchasers we control the quality we control the manufacturing the warehousing the distribution so from cradle to grave we’re going to control as many of those aspects as we can that is uncommon in our industry I cannot tell you uh and maybe you realize this that well over 95 percent of our competitors do not do that they have a marketing plan looking for a unique product and many times it’s just that it it’s an ingredient we’ve never heard about so that they can create hopefully momentum and a wave for a short period of time and that’s why 90 some odd percent of all these companies fail over time we’ve had longevity because we do control these aspects but we dedicate ourselves to the research but as you see as we get into 2020 back orders go up supply chain titans uh and but the nice thing about it now you look at where we’re at now we’re getting back to i don’t know if we’ll ever have a true normal in society anymore after going through this but we’re back down to where uh we need to be to uh sustain momentum and to have exceptional growth let’s go to the next now what’s the state of Sisel in north America.

You know i know in Australia their products ship out of north America and so I wanted to show you where we’re at for percentages of growth over these years up until currently right now in 2022.

If you went back to uh 2019 2020 2021 you can see we have maintained double-digit growth over the last three and a half years and not just on a linear fashion but you can see an exponential growth and so uh really going from 2020 to currently we’re seeing phenomenal growth and this is after a pandemic but we’ve been able to control so much of what we do that it has been able to get us through these tough times when back orders have gone up uh and actually been crippling and devastating to over 90 percent of the industry three we’ve had phenomenal growth let’s go to the next now orders per year now if you look at this you’d say well 2021 2022 orders are relatively the same what’s happened people the size of the orders have increased and that is great because what we’re seeing people are finding more transfer by they’re realizing the value of these products when they look at a product let’s say super omega they realize well there’s vitamin d in that I’m spending 10 or 15 dollars for that well it has uh the correct amounts of the omega-3 fish oils the EPA and spending 30 40 dollars for that product oh it’s got vitamin e in it I’m spending 10 or 15 dollars for that product oh it has crystal CoQ10  I’m spending twenty thirty dollars for that product and they realize that our products usually contain three to five other types of products that people are buying people really during the pandemic it gave people an awareness of nutrition and what they were doing to control their health and their lives and they found the power of Sisel and the products that were there and so they found that we have the right forms but many times our products contain four five six different products they they currently we’re buying and so we’ve seen that the average order size has greatly increased with our distributors let’s go to the next now here what you’ve seen you can see it from 2019 to 2022 we’re measuring the growth we have had double digit growth since 2019 which is great.

Going through uh the things that i’ve never seen in my life span and you know according to my kids and grandkids I’m very old so you can take it from from me these are the market is very uh reactionary uh the market is is changing all the time you know we’ve we’ve seen everything from computers and social media and the way people buy has greatly changed we’ve been adapted to that now if you look at these numbers and you see this growth you also see trending during different times of the year here obviously if i look at July that tends to be one of the lower months in may and in January tend to be lower months too the nice thing about that we maintain growth even through those months year over year those months get bigger for us let’s go to the next thank you. Convoy of hope Kaden my youngest son who by the way just got married last week and i was the officiant on that was able to marry him to his lovely new bride a year ago I told him I said Kaden you know we’re in business for uh you know for different reasons but uh one thing that uh that we’re in business for and has to help other people help them generate a business help them have better health but also we want to make the world a better place as a whole even those that are not involved with sizzle we have been given so much in research knowledge manufacturing we need to help out others and so i said i want you to go out and find an organization that can utilize the skills the manufacturing the knowledge that we have and make the world a better place.

So he went out and went through dozens of these different companies everything from how many dollars actually we get into the field that make a difference and what is their mission what markets are they in well the one that we selected was convoy of hope well they were aligned with us because they knew that food was deficient in nutritional value and they saw the benefit of what we can do they knew that after reviewing us i mean it was a you know it was a dating process they wanted to see who we were and why we were we wanted to be part of what they were doing they said you know the majority of of these uh these children that we help are malnutrition and you know if you look in every corner of the world there’s usually in their diet something very starchy maybe it’s potatoes maybe it’s rice maybe it’s beans maybe it’s um you know what is it in Hawaii that the poi i think there’s usually a very starchy substance which gives us a lot of calories and but it doesn’t give us a lot of nutrition it gives us uh fast energy but to be be totally healthy we need vitamins and minerals associated with that and so they said could you help us make up a vitamin mineral complex that could be added to these meals well first answer is absolutely yes and so they hired a nutritionist to go through the diets that they were supplying to these children and then we wanted to to make a formulation that they could add to those meals to make these very nutritious.

Let’s go to the next milo and so we developed a product called Sisel Nutrify and so each one of these these tubs contains a thousand servings and so they will mix it into you know their their large cooking uh vessels that they have that’s designed to supplement and give the multivitamin mineral complex that’s needed for these children in in so many areas i mean it’s really sad if you look at it uh children who die in the world unfortunately every day 50 percent or greater of those is because of malnutrition and a lot of times they’re getting the volume but they’re not getting the nutrition and there’s a big difference with that and so we’re very happy to be part of that let’s go to the next slide and so you know we we came up with said we’re going to have a a million mil launch and so we produced enough to get a a million uh of uh of this supplement out there into the world that um you know a million days at school kids aren’t going hungry and there’s a million nutritious meals out there and a million chances to make a difference in a kid’s life because if you’re healthy your brain’s functioning then then you can go out and do something productive and and not worry about nutrition and so this is something that uh we’re thrilled to be a part of.

Let’s go to the next and we want other people if you want to this isn’t a requirement this isn’t a even an offer that uh you know you do or you don’t um have to be part of uh but if you do want to be part of it you’re looking for something we make nothing uh we’re donating 100 of this and so um uh if you want to be part of it we made a skew that if people want to donate five dollars to this or more they can do that um right now if you want to Nutrify a thousand meals at our cost and and our production all done at our cost uh 50 bucks will do that and so if you want to take a personal challenge with your organization or your neighbours your friends and say you know what why don’t we help ten thousand kids have a nutritious meal today you know five hundred dollars will do it and uh so it’s another opportunity to give back it’s another reason uh that we uh you know we have a business is to to make the world a better place.

Let’s go to the next and so something else too I told Kaden I said you know July 15th is dad’s birthday tom senior in fact this year I will be out in Indiana and I’m going to talk about all the same things I’m talking today to you about and so uh you know here at work we have a uh memorial tom senior day that I let people take to to do what they want to do and uh it was it was a fun thing to do for employees but i said we need to do something out in the field too throughout the world on that day to um commemorate and think about tom senior what he did he could have retired you know decades ago but he enjoyed people he enjoyed he enjoyed being positive he enjoyed helping anyone he could over you know his lifespan.

I’ve seen him do so much for wildlife millions of dollars in habitat restoration introducing species that have been we come extinct in certain areas but as far as humans he was he funded hundreds or millions of dollars throughout the world in orphanages in eastern Europe and uh and education for um adoption centres and orphanages in south America and and so much more so to commemorate this we’re asking everybody uh within sizzle employees we have projects here on July 15th we’re going to do to beautify the world or pick up garbage cut weeds uh help somebody in need so we’re asking everybody if you want to be part of this on July 15th you know go out and do an active service small or large and we would love absolutely love to see your picture your video of what you’re doing uh it could be you know anything but just something of service you know tom senior was the greatest mentor i ever could have had in my life and I’ll be out in Indiana doing this on that day but I think a lot about that and i think about the lessons he taught me and there’s nothing that makes you feel better better than helping somebody else and this nitrified program through the convoy of hope does that for me.

Maybe that’s why I’m so focused on it but also get out there on July 15th with the rest of the sizzle world we’re hoping to have tens of thousand people uh performing some type of service for someone else to make the world a better place in memory of dad on his birthday let’s go to the next milo so here’s something that i launched this is something I thought I would never really discuss in at this level and it’s not just because sizzle silver is the colour of my hair or my moustache or my beard but uh it’s funny that those are probably the colours that match me best now uh silver is something that is extremely powerful silver is something that um uh we put in cucumber lime you put it on topically it’s something I’ve seen family members use i have a a younger brother who was burned very badly as a child.

You know we didn’t grow up with a lot we had you know wood burning stove kerosene stoves and i remember he had both of the insides of his arms burn and they used silver beam which is a a remedy with silver that promotes healing uh stops bacteria growth that you know wound healing I’ve helped many people make products with silver i i have a good friend who’s a dentist who converted a lab to see what silver would do to plaque and and for dental and how much healthier and and so he sent me pictures of the wound healing and what he’s seen with that um when silver’s applied to that and so i thought if i ever found a company silver can be done right topically but silver is very difficult uh if you ingest it and there are exposed to it continually let’s go to the next this person you know i should say he’s haunted my dreams for years just because of his colour and Argyria is a condition where people consume silver and it builds up in their tissue their skin and silver is very difficult to eliminate from the body and in all the cases that I’ve always known people who continually ingest silver does it kill bacteria does it destroy things that maybe you don’t want your body absolutely but it builds up and you know if you go back you know 150 years ago when they first developed photography it was silver exposed to ultraviolet light that developed the photograph because silver is very reactive with ultraviolet light and so this gentleman here was very he’s actually passed away now but he was world famous i think they called him papa smurf because of the purple condition of his skin and uh and so he’d go out and talk about how powerful silver was but um uh unfortunately he didn’t have the right form of silver to do that let’s go to the next and this is how many companies are to this point they don’t have they have colloidal silvers and they all tout how effective it is which they’re probably right but they they failed to talk about what happens over long-term exposure so now why is silver sizzle safe.

Let’s go to the next slide so i had a gentleman um uh well actually a company that I’ve dealt with for a long time and here a little while back they went and patented a process to micronize colloidal silver well that’s exciting and they actually make a tetroxide form of this material but here’s the exciting part about this this form of silver many of you know I went to a school the university of Utah that’s where i received my degrees in biology and chemistry but uh so and it’s a world-renowned medical centre they went to the university of Utah and they performed studies to show this form of silver will not accumulate and build up within your tissue that within 48 hours it’s eliminated from your body now I’m not going to be uh you know these other companies say take colloidal silver every day I’m not promoting that way i think that there’s a great benefit as needed and as needed it’s going to be determined by you um if you had a canker sore there’s nothing better than terminator and silver also to destroy that bacteria that stops that canker from growing topically silver’s incredible and you know if you want to clean something uh silver works as a more of a natural form of antibiotic um but i think long-term people taking it daily too it’s not uh it definitely uh will destroy it may be a good gut bacteria that that duplicates fast uh again but i think to consume it on a daily basis is not something that i would recommend even though this is the only and I’ll repeat again this is the only form of silver i have ever seen that has actual pharmaceutical uh studies done on it to show that it is eliminated from our body after we get the great benefit of the silver and so we’re going to be producing a tincture of this that will be 22 parts per million of this.

Boy I’ll tell you what this is something to have at your home you know if you get a car to burn you have a wound you’re trying to heal highly effective on strep staff a great historical going back thousands of years of usage on this in fact here in Utah when the pioneers came out they knew that you put a silver dollar in a wooden barrel with water it would stay for a very long time fresh let’s go to the next slide and so yeah here’s some of the historical uses here i won’t go through all of these but everything from pasteurizing well then pasteurized milk with heat but it would keep milk fresh longer because it would start stop that harmful bacteria here’s a silvadene pharmaceutical topical and and still today it’s one of the best things ever if you have a burn or a condition in fact my wife has been a registered nurse now for 41 years at the largest hospital here in our area and and this is the only form of silver this company that we buy our silver from it’s the only form of silver on their formulary and so that speaks well too for a hospital of this size that they will actually have it on their formulary within the hospital and there’s no other colloidal silvers out there that they do this.

Let’s go to the next slide we have in cucumber lime as many of you know we have copper we have silver in fact even copper is very beneficial for so many things back in Europe in the 17 1800s a lot of the disease they found that the disease was less in these villages that produced copper pots copper copper cooking utensils also silver they found that the wealthier class had less disease but what they do find out is that many of them had silver goblets silver plates silver utensils and so they were consuming micro amounts of this and they a lot of why they think that the disease was not in those populations they had wealth and wealth was when a component of wealth was a fair amount of silver and copper well we have both of those in our cucumber lime also along with the monolaurin that you find in our avenger which is extremely effective on bacteria let’s go to the next so here’s our micronized uh colloidal mineral uh product it’s been researched in an fda cleared double-blind human safety uh it leaves the body oh excuse me i said 48 hours it’s actually 24 hours and it’s 10 times more powerful than any other silver product and this is all tried and tested each silver particle basically can pick up these multiple electrons and that they’re doing that from the bacteria and once the silver enters into bacteria it disrupts the DNA and and causes it to no longer be viable and and duplicate.

Let’s go to the next so now also I’m bringing out a all natural deodorant now the deodorant didn’t start with silver but it became even more powerful with silver if your um milo hold up your arm okay there you go look at that armpit and so under that armpit there are millions of bacteria that want to grow but they’re not growing today and i’m going to tell you why last year we’ve had such great success with our avenger product in the stopping basics uh the the Amish use a lot of that and had great results with that when i put that formulation together a few years ago i used an ingredient called monolaurin it’s an active that’s found in breast milk for one but other natural substances because it’s highly effective i combined it with olive extract red root and so much more to make it highly effective against bacteria i wanted to know what would it be like in a deodorant because many times people are confused with antiperspirant and deodorants they’re not the same thing and so antiperspirants and this is where a lot of the problems come from why people are getting away from this antiperspirants uh are usually aluminium based well i think most of them all are aluminium aluminium chloralhydrate they go into the pore of the armpit they form a colloid they expand basically form a cork so that your body cannot respirate well naturally is our our body wants to respirate with gases and moisture and and that’s a natural process now under your arm and other parts of your body when that happens it’s moist it’s warm well that’s an incubator for bacteria now the bacteria that usually resides in those areas releases a sulphur compounds and this is where we get the mal odour so i wanted to address that issue as naturally as possible without clogging those porch we all know what the problem.

If you are exposed and you’re packing aluminium up into pores and all the links now that we see with dementia and Alzheimer’s with aluminium and and all the associated problems we wanted to get rid of all that that’s obviously not sizzle say but i want to destroy the bacteria that’s causing the odour allowing still the body to respirate and uh and and be very healthy so i combine these active ingredients that we had an avenger into a stick deodorant we tried that it was phenomenal and i was going to go with to the market just with that but as i was doing the research on this micronized form of silver that will not accumulate in the body but is it 10 times more powerful than other silvers on the market i put that in there and wow there is not a natural deodorant out there that even comes close to how effective this product is and to date we’ve we’ve sent out a lot of samples to a lot of people no irritation no tackiness no odour and destroys the bacteria in fact i would sit next to milo in the car now i wouldn’t do that before but since he’s trying this product I’ll do it and so uh we’re gonna bring this out too formulations done we’ve got the packaging here we’re waiting on the final ingredients this if you’re living a sizzle safe life and there’s so many people out there looking for the ultimate safe effective deodorant this is the one.

Let’s go to the next and so um obviously this is what this uh slide here is talking about Alzheimer’s and breast cancer and so many things that are associated with aluminium and antiperspirants that are out there you know and and people don’t have really an effective way there’s some decent products out there this is the only great product out there so when this comes up uh you’re going to want to try this and uh and it lasts all day long protects great no odours no clogged pores no harmful ingredients and that’s free from everything else that would not make it sizzle safe that most are that contain parabens and talc and and so much more uh so this is a a great product glides on easy feels great smells great um and it’s not greasy and so uh take advantage of this when we uh bring it out milo what do we have.

Next, so oh yeah oh here’s the ingredients right here let’s stop on this for just a second so we have the naturally occurring monolaurin which is an active found in in so many different uh natural products we have olive leaf extract lotus leaf elderberry it kind of sounds like influence too doesn’t it because it really is healthy for our body our immune system chaga the most powerful antioxidant out there that we have in our coffee and that’s why we have the world’s healthiest coffee because we have the highest antioxidant right out there red root and lime and then powered by this unique form of micronized colloidal silver makes it for the perfect combination I’ve tried many of you have tried the ever fresh and and uh subdue with my previous company uh with the coriander and those type of they were okay to good products but they were natural they they fit the malware mission this is light years ahead of all that in a in a stick deodorant which is the most preferred form that people are looking for out there so here in the next few weeks uh be watching for this you’re gonna love it.

Let’s go to the next now i don’t know how many of you have tried ultramax this is a one-time offering so during the pandemic uh you know we’re looking at different packaging like we’ve still got quite a few of these bottles you know we’ve moved into fire and ice tea and and uh sizzle sport and those are going incredible and and people uh are really enjoying those products but i had enough that i thought i’ll do a run there’s probably enough uh ultramax out there uh that over the next three to four weeks uh it’s going to be gone but i said let’s run one more from our mountain uh one more batch and uh use these bottles that we have and this is a very energy packed product you know cordyceps and the b vitamins and boy you really feel it with the niacin that it has many people you’ll start to see they’ll actually start to become a little bit red i know i have a i have one daughter who’s four foot eleven about 95 pounds and she drinks half and then two hours later she drinks the other half and when we stop selling this she was like dad you got to bring that back but uh uh with sizzle sport and uh where this is a ready to use product the weight and the freight and everything um we had moved on to other technologies but if you want to take advantage of this and now one thing it’s kind of a throwback too from a few years ago it was 39 then it’s 39 now it was cb was 22 then it was 22 now i said let’s just do it kind of a throwback and so those people who uh um want to buy a case of this can can do that.

Milo are you going to talk a little bit about the uh um the new 300 pv order discount.

Yes i think that was the last slide tom for okay great great you know what I’m actually going to let milo talk about this uh if you ever wanted to have a distributor advocate for you it’s milo many times i had to remind him guess who signed your pay check and uh everything i know this is an Australian call but uh and he’s our director and done a fabulous job with north America and uh you know he’s talk he’ll talk about Canadian rates and what we have to do if it were up to milo even if i sell one bottle a month of something i would never discontinue any products out there and so and he’s always looking at we need to be more creative we need to we need to find ways to to make people more successful they need to make more money here they need to you know be able to to do this and so without becoming illegal we try and do everything that milo would like us to do and and it’s a great honour to have him here and he’s staying here tonight with me everybody else is out for their three-day weekend but miles hears me i appreciate that but i wanted milo to bring up a program that he’s been a real uh proponent of for the last year or two and and finally um i guess i caved but i came for the right reasons because it will encourage people and if you think about the slide that i talked about the average order has greatly increased this really ties in with that and so with that milo i’m going to turn the time over to you and let you finish out this call.

Thank you so much tom i really appreciate your words and uh it’s so satisfying guys to work for a company that listens to the field and yes you know in sales i kind of have to listen to you guys and what your needs are are but i work for other companies that i that i listen to the problem on the field and and they need a solution and i go back to corporate and they just won’t listen they think oh no we we want this we have this plan to do this this way and it’s hard to you know you know for distributors to build that way i’m very blessed to work for a company that actually listens to to the to the needs of the fields and and tom is every single time that we are on a meeting that i come back from a trip and give my report you know i give them the list you know this is what they they’re they like this is what they would like you know obviously we don’t we don’t do everything you know but we he is very smart to make the the decisions of the different sales tools that you guys need or products or or whatever it is so that’s why we see these trends that he was that he was showing on the growth is because you know we cater to the field and uh and we at the same time that we keep the company healthy so it’s a it’s a great great time to be here at sizzle and a lot of some people were asking is it deodorant to the silver are going to Australia and i believe uh the answer is yes right tell him unless I’m mistaken but i think as the deodorant ends the over and ultramax can all ship to Australia as soon as they’re become available in a couple of weeks so that’s great news for you guys as well uh and yes we actually are are launching a new program uh started that started last Monday.

It has to do with auto ship okay so we understand that auto ship is a you know you know the the life of of your business right and we want to make sure that everybody that that is on auto ship keeps getting the rewards for loyalty rewards the loyalty rewards program or the shipping uh voucher a lot of people you know uh miss these these vouchers because they place an order and they don’t hit the target number you know the of the ob that they need to purchase so i we’ve seen this you know throughout time and we always keep saying uh well put yourself on auto ship you know you can you can guarantee that you get the loyalty rewards and the shipping uh but this time you know tommy even went uh you know a step further and said you know why why don’t we give them an extra discount for people that are on auto ship although it’s not required to be on auto ship to to get commissions with our company you can just you know call in and place an order a qualifying order and and you receive commissions we want to you know to do go the extra mile and he said let’s give him an extra five percent discount on anybody that that puts themselves on auto ship with a 300 ov order or more okay so ob means own volume that means that you know you have your own auto ship you place the order under your account and uh month after month you know you can you can customize your auto ship you can call in you’re going to your back office and and change the products if you want to change it month to month but the important thing is that you have to be on auto ship to receive that extra five percent discount on the on the products now this the five percent discount.

That will not affect the pv okay the pv is staying you know it’s just the discounted on the price okay so uh you don’t lose qualifications you know by you know we’re not discounting the pv and you’re not going to be losing all those qualifications so we’re keeping the pv the same we’re just discounting the product an extra five percent over wholesale price which is amazing and you’ll still qualify now it has to be over 300 ov okay so and that will automatically qualify you to receive eight percent uh on the loyalty reward program every four months and at the end of the year you’ll get all your shipping um costs back.

As far as i understand Australia you know it’s everything that has to do with shipping both standard shipping and um what’s the other name on the on the priority shipping uh those also count towards your shipping voucher so that’s a really important thing that you guys can take advantage of with this program that’s already in place so make sure that you guys call your your team let them know about this and earn an extra five percent discount on anybody that that becomes uh part of this program like i say it’s not required to receive commissions it’s just to receive that extra five percent discount so it’s a great great program that we that that’s launched um in in north America for now and and Europe is coming and in japan is coming a little later.

But since you guys  in Australia New Zealand are part of our our catalogue here in the us you guys will will receive that discount as well so that’s great great news uh for everybody and I’m sure that you know here in the us they they love the idea you know when we announced that up at marrow mountain everybody was just like you know went crazy you know because it’s you know more more savings you know and at the same time you qualify for the for the free product every four months at the higher percentage rate with eight percent so um we really appreciate you guys being here today this call has been recorded and we will be um putting out this call by next week once again we thank you for thank you for everything that you guys do out in the field.

You guys are lucky to have you know uh you know Liesel as your advocate there and uh and the communication that that comes you know flows through her to to tom and the executive team you know every single week is the same thing you know we try to make sure that we all know they all know exactly what your needs are and and she’s done a lot to make sure that you guys you know in shipping you know take care of shipping and everything else so we appreciate everything you guys do your support uh your your advice and everything that you that you do is recorded here on the chat on the chats uh we see uh tons of comments and and uh you know thanking you know tom for for the for the programs for the new products people are excited for everything so uh we’re super super excited at the same time to close this year and we have more things you know to come this year so make sure that you keep doing what you’re doing you know sharing the marrow mission and things are are just going to keep getting better towards the end of this year. So once again thank you so much for for well for your morning uh down in Australia and make sure that you guys uh pass this on to your teams we’re going to be closed on July 4 or July 4th which is a Monday i think it’s July 5th for you guys so uh customer service is not going to be available so in case you need to place an order just go to your back office and you guys can do that at the same time or call on you know the following day uh on on the fifth for us sixth for you okay so thank you so much again have a great evening and we’ll see you soon.

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