Limu Moui from Tonga

Limu Moui from Tonga

Limu Moui is a brown seaweed that is found growing mainly in the pristine waters off the coast of the island of Tonga in the South Pacific. It grows in expansive underwater fields off the island shores, somewhat similar to kelp forests. This seaweed has been used as a source of food and for its beneficial qualities in the local island cultures for thousands of years. This spotless underwater habitat is home to various species of marine animal and plant life that contribute to this nutrient-rich ecosystem. The surrounding waters of Tonga are the breeding ground for several species of whales and sea mammals that migrate around the world to reach this oceanic paradise. They are also the home for underwater volcanoes that rich in the super nutrient fucoidan, a complex sugar molecule, or polysaccharide with vast beneficial properties to human health.

Fucoidan comes from Limu Moui

Fucoidan has been studied over 1700 times in independent third-party studies across the globe. This unique compound, which Sisel sources from Tongan Limu Moui, is believed to work in favorable ways for the human body. If you search fucoidan on you will find studies that explain many common health concerns that it addresses.

Harvesting Limu Moui

Limu Moui is sustainably harvested by means of trimming no more than 75% of the plant while leaving an anchored 25% to the sea floor. The local government has been instrumental in enforcing proper seaweed harvesting regulations to ensure the local ecosystem is preserved and the natural food source will last indefinitely.
The harvesting methods of Limu Moui make this plant one of the most sustainable nutrient sources on earth. With a combination of pure sunshine and the earth’s naturally nutrient rich sea water, the seaweed plant grows at an outrageous rate of two feet per day provide rich mineral content to everything that grows in the vicinity. Limu Moui is a veritable storehouse of healthy nutrients that collectively cannot be found in any land-based plant.

Limu Moui is unique and beneficial

One of the things that makes this plant so unique and beneficial for human consumption is the eloquent balance of all the nutrients. This amazing plant has the perfect balance of many vitamins, minerals, amino-acids, essential fatty acids, sterols, glyco-nutrients, and trace elements necessary for optimal health. It is particularly Ancient Miracle Seaweed Refined by the Ocean and Deep-Sea Volcanoes (Continued) Sisel signed an exclusive contract with the King of Tonga in order to ensure prime supply of this remarkable breed of seaweed and harvest the seaweed from the Tongan seashore. We developed a unique method for processing Limu Moui that allows us to sulfonate up to all eight molecules of the fucoidan breed, making it highly accessible for human absorption. Most of our competitors who sulfonate their fucoidan can only achieve up to one molecule. That is why we patented this proprietary, marvellous, and effective process that allows us to ensure the quality and consistency of our product.

Fucoydon is made from Limu Moui

Despite its simple harvesting and our visionary efforts to ensure its supply, recently the region was struck by a volcanic eruption of gargantuan proportions. Most sea traffic was interrupted, and harvesting was put on hold during the recovery. However, Sisel had placed enough orders in advance to secure a constant supply of Limu Moui before the eruption happened. Fortunately, the ships with our supply had already left the harbor and FuCoyDon production has remained steady. Our rigorous selection of fucoidan strands, our unique processing, and the rich antioxidant mix that we’ve added, all contribute to make FuCoyDon® by Sisel the best fucoidan supplement available on the planet. Noteworthy too, is the fact that our water purification and fucoidan concentration processes are healthy for the planet as well.

That is simply one of the corporate policies that we live by. If you are looking for natural vitamins to complete your nutritional profile or fill the gaps in your own diet, look no further than this incredible sea plant. While there is significant scientific evidence and testimonials, it’s important to note that FuCoyDon has different results for everyone and it’s important to research and use this information as a platform towards building a foundation for better health.

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