Non Toxic Firm Hold Hair Gel…what is used for the fragrance?

Sisel use botanical’s and essential oils for fragrance

The fragrance for the Firm Hold Hair Gel is Water Lily and Jasmine. This adds a beautiful smell to the product at the same time as being Sisel Safe.

Sisel’s products are designed for sensitive skin and are a great alternative for individuals who react to products containing harsh chemicals. Sisel’s does not use any potentially harmful ingredients in their products.

Concerns regarding sensitives to essentials oils used as a fragrance can be checked by dabbing some of the product on the side of the neck or wrist. Wait for a few hours then check to see if the skin appears normal.

Please note any individual who has allergies or sensitives should always consult an appropriate licensed health professional first.


non toxic hair gel

About Sisel’s Firm Hold Hair Gel

SISEL Hair Gel shapes and forms hair, allowing you to create a variety of looks and style. Hair gel contains polymers that dry on hair, bonding individual hair strands together to provide hold. Polymers are made from positive charged molecules that bind with negatively-charged amino acids in the hair. Polymer bonding allows hair movement, but excellent stylability.

Hair tends to become static and flyaway when the air is excessively dry or when covered by hats. SISEL Hair Gel contains ingredients that help prevent static hair, giving it greater manageability. When using SISEL’s fantastic gel you can say goodbye to frizzy, wild hair. Our gel gives your hair a glossy, textured look.

In addition to added shine and manageability, SISEL Hair Gel also contains conditioning ingredients that are moisturizing, leaving your hair soft and pliable. These ingredients also leave your hair with a high level of movement.

SISEL Hair Gel  can be applied to wet or dry hair, leaving a shiny texture. SISEL Hair Gel is easily removed from the hair with SISEL Shampoo. Long lasting hold, gentle on the skin.

Last Updated on March 27, 2023 by Katie Sisel Distributor