Nutrition based psychiatry

Nutrition based psychiatry may be the future of mental health conditions and treatments.

Nutrition Based Psychiatry

Nutrition based psychiatry may be the future of mental health conditions and treatments.

Mental health problems can be difficult to manage for both the person suffering it and the health professional treating the patient.

Many go through a trial of different psychiatrist’s, medications and other therapies, very often too little or no avail.

Dietary nutrients and psychiatric therapy

An emerging science of dietary nutrients for psychiatric therapy is exciting itn holds a great deal promise in the fight against mental illness.

Scientists are increasingly becoming aware that poor mental health can be caused by a lack of essential nutrients.

Nutritional deficiencies in the brain can in a large part be responsible for ADHD, bipolar disorders, anxiety, depression, schizophrenia and more. The potential of using food and supplements to be utilized for mental health issues is exciting. Ref

Dietary nutrients and the brain

In the brain, there are many factors such as oxidation from the tremendous amount of energy created to run brain activity. For example, about 25 to 30% of the oxygen a person breathes is used by the brain; which only weighs 1 ½% of the total body weight.

The brain is so complex and there are so many nutrients and micronutrients that are vital to its functioning and performance. A profound and even domino effect on brain degeneration and health can result due to  Irregularities or deficiencies in nutrients

This is something worth noting particularly when thinking about a person suffering from Alzheimer’s, or beginning to show signs.  What if nutrition could address this?

The medical profession is not adequately capable of handling the many complex issues involved in brain health.

Since each medical disciplines stands alone with little or no communication amongst health professionals across different modalities. For example it’s rare to have  doctor work work closely with a dietician discussing patients needs. Generally this does not happen.

So our genetics are there but if the nutrients to run them are not; the consequences or a decline in mental health or damage to the brain itself will occur.

By providing an array of broad spectrum brain nutrients and food, the body could address many of the issues.

Many super nutrients called nutraceuticals have been developed in the Sisel product line. The Sisel products have an enormous amount of power and can provide nutritional support that the brain may be lacking and needing.

What if many of the conditions like Dementia, Alzheimer’s loss of memory, even anger and anxiety could be curtailed or mitigated.

Brain Vitality

Brain vitality

Sisel’s Brain Vitality has the most powerful nutrients science has discovered, in Tom Mower’s opinion. Brain Vitality can infuse massive support for some of the most serious afflictions.

Citicholine it so powerful for nutritionally supporting the building blocks of healthy cells and the neurological system. Magnesium L-Threonate supports healthy memory and cognition by optimizing magnesium levels in the brain essential. As well as over 300 different biochemical reactions in the body from cardiovascular and bone health support to energy metabolism, mood, and most especially cognitive function.

Curcuminoids are extremely effective in providing intensive support against oxidation and factors involved with Alzheimer’s.


Sisel’s SupraOmega Plus contains 3 different essential omega 3 oils as well as omega 6 and 9, buckthorn for additional macro and micro support.

It’s important to note that there are essential fatty acids and essential amino acids but there are no essential carboydrates! Essential means the body needs them to function.

Buckthorn another ingredient (found in SupraOmega) provides support for the body to improve blood pressure and lower cholesterol.

There are so many types and varieties of nutrients, all designed to support the brain, neurological system and much more.

Age Pill by Sisel

Adding in Sisel’s AGE Pill to support the brain can have enormous benefits. There are many ingredients in the AGE Pill that supports a healthy brain.

In addition to supporting the function and brain clarity there are many people living with depression that claim a simple B vitamin such as niacin has helped.

Is this nutrition based psychiatry ?

Some say niacin reduces feelings of sadness and hopelessness, and others say it made their depression completely go away. Certainly more research is needed.

Niacin has many benefits. It is one of the main ingredients in the AGE Pill. It’s interesting to note that within one hour of taking the AGE Pill I noticed improved mood, mental clarity, and energy. Personally I believe nutirion based psychiatry could benefit many people and maybe even the missing key.

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