Down hill with age does it have to be?

Downhill with age does it have to be

Down hill with age does it have to be?

Nearly everyone expects that it is down hill with age, but does it have to be?

One massive player in the aging process is stem cell degeneration. So what would happen if you could rejuvenate outside the stem cell? Let’s hear from Tom Mower, President, Co-Founder and Chief Scientist for Sisel International.

“Rejuvenation outside the stem cell….Doesn’t it make sense (scientists seem to think so). By cleaning up what’s inside the stem cell and then by supporting regeneration to achieving more youthful health. Then shouldn’t this also be done to what is outside the Stem Cell?

The aging of the organism cannot be reduced entirely to just the aging of stem cells in the body. This is because there is so much extracellular waste on the outside of the cell. In some cases, this material is secreted and deposited locally.

In other cases, this bio-waste circulates in the blood and impedes functions far from where it was made. Sometimes the material consists of used cell fragments, sometimes small molecules, sometimes proteins.

Messy, huh? And what’s worse, in all of these cases, it goes down hill with age.”

Sisel Research the Research

“At Sisel we are investigating a wide range of research geared to fixing that,” says Tom Mower, President and Co-Founder of Sisel International.
“Youth from the inside of a cell should also be reflected on by what’s on the outside of it too.”

“We at Sisel are dedicated to researching the research, in order to find the most complete solution, rather than just trying and promote a single molecule to boost NAD. While a single molecule can do wonders, it falls short of its potential because of the inner and outer accumulation of cellular garbage and metabolic waste.”

D Bomb

“Soon d”BOMB from Sisel will be introduced. It’s a very complex formulation based upon powerful discoveries in the field of “Senolytics”; which if addressed properly, should run neck and neck to NAD in life extension, youth regeneration and fantastic health support.

What is Senolytics

Senolytics target cellular senescence, a process in which damaged cells, rather than dying, persist and become toxic to cells around them. Cellular senescence has been shown to drive multiple age-related diseases, including idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF). Scientists at the Mayo Clinic has shown in animals studies senolytics selectively cleared these toxic cells in mice that model IPF.

“Cellular senescence is clearly emerging as a main player in aging,” said Professor Nicolas Musi, M.D., director of university longevity and aging studies. Ref.

Scientists have also found that the stress, called cellular senescence, is associated with harmful tau protein tangles that are a hallmark of 20 human brain diseases, including Alzheimer’s and traumatic brain injury. Cellular senescence allows the stressed cell to survive, but the cell may become like a zombie, functioning abnormally and secreting substances that kill cells around it. Ref.

The AGE Pill and D Bomb

“Both The AGE PILL precursor for “NAD” support is called by some as the immortality molecule.” says Tom Mower.

”In fact it’s theoretically almost true and practically viable to do so. BUT “the missing link” in growing younger and living longer is senolytics.” according to Tom. “D BOMB is a powerful cocktail of natural ingredients to accomplish this.

“There may be not just one, “but two” potential immortality formulations to encompass as much as possible. Two formulas to stop aging and create support for regeneration. Return your youthful bio-factors to (as hypothetically possible) when you were at age 18-20 again”.

Tom Mower concludes by saying, “we at Sisel believe this dynamic 1-2 punch will do “almost miraculous things ” to support ending aging, growing younger and living much longer at a much younger biological age. It seems possible that 1 +1 = “Immortality” potentially fueled by this “dual synergistic system.

The AGE PILL and d’BOMB “may” be a wish come true… for a FOREVER MORE YOU!”

Sisel AGE Pill and D Bomb Supplement

Tom Mower’s Passion for AGE Reversal

So you can tell Tom Mower is super passionate about reversing the effects of aging. I have said many times it’s not just about looking and feeling younger. It’s about avoiding age-related disease and illness so you can live a happy life.

The science behind both the AGE Pill and the D Bomb is very new. Tom finds the research and then reverse engineers it for natural supplement formulations. We are lucky to have such formulations long before they are mainstream. Sisel International truly has unique products. Does it have to be down hill with age? Its seems this about to change.

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