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Are you ready to soar to new heights of achievement with Sisel International? Introducing the path to One Star Master Rank—a journey filled with unlimited possibilities! Join us in a pursuit that offers free products and extra income but also empowers you to build a thriving team of like-minded individuals who share your aspirations.

Thomas Mower Senior Manager of Global Operations Manager shares how to become a One Star Master with Sisel International. Thomas Mower is the grandson of late Tom Mower Sr, and son of Tom Mower Jr CEO and Cofounder of Sisel.

“Hello everybody, I’m truly excited to deliver this presentation—it’s easily one of my favorites. I have been entrusted with handling numerous reports in the back office, and I’ve been enthusiastically learning, explaining, and teaching them. Additionally, I’ve been delving into the compensation plan, which I will touch upon today.

The focus of today’s discussion revolves around the compensation plan, specifically the journey towards achieving a higher rank and assisting your team to grow. Our journey begins with the esteemed One Star Master Rank—a milestone that holds immense benefits and significance. Reaching this rank isn’t a simple feat; it’s a marker of dedication and progress in your business journey.

For those familiar with Sisel’s operations, some of this may sound familiar, but a refresher never hurts. Let’s dive into what it takes to become a One Star and why it matters. To attain the One Star rank, a minimum of 5000 PV or QDV is necessary. QDV, or Qualified Downline Volume, is calculated from PV. On a personal level, you must achieve 200 PV through personal purchases or a combination of 50 PV from your own purchases and 150 PV from personally sponsored preferred customers.

Visualising this, you need 250 PV, either through personal purchases or by purchasing 50 PV and having three preferred customers who contribute 150 PV collectively. Under your leadership, your team’s cumulative effort should amount to 5000 PD and QDV. This milestone is pivotal because it signifies your growth and establishment as a leader within the Sisel International. community.

Moving up the ranks is more than just numbers; it’s about transformation. By becoming a One Star, you’re immersing yourself in product knowledge, expanding your network, and showing unparalleled commitment to your personal business. Remember, Sisel International isn’t just the company—it’s your business, your downline, your organization. Achieving One Star isn’t just climbing a rank; it’s building your business and shaping your future.

Now, let’s delve into the perks of being a One Star. Advancing from Master Builder to One Star brings remarkable changes. You now qualify for additional levels—up to five—in the level commissions structure. This means you can enjoy 7% commission on deeper levels. But the benefits don’t end there. You unlock the Master Check Match feature, earning you 10% of the checks of those you personally enroll who reach One Star or higher.

As your organisation deepens, your earnings grow too. The Fast Start Bonus gets enhanced with an additional level, offering you 6% on six levels of depth. Plus, consistency pays off—achieve One Star for three consecutive months, and you earn a $250 bonus. The cherry on top is the $200 monthly Lifestyle Bonus, designed to enhance your lifestyle without strict qualifications or conditions.

Building your team is paramount, but so is building a stable and thriving business. The path to One Star isn’t solely about numbers; it’s about fostering relationships and sustainable growth. Remember, you’re a leader, setting an example for your team.

So, in a nutshell, becoming a One Star Master isn’t just about rank; it’s about redefining your journey, strengthening your business, and embracing the power of collaboration. Sisel isn’t merely a company; it’s a community that celebrates achievements, fuels friendships, and propels you toward happiness and success. Let’s embark on this incredible journey together and unlock a world of possibilities as One Star Master Rank achievers with Sisel International.

Your qualified downline volume is your personal volume combined with the remaining volume after the 50% rule has been applied. This rule often comes into play, and let’s dive into understanding the 50% rule. The 50% rule is straightforward: no more than half of your total downline volume, also known as TDV (Total Downline Volume), can originate from a single leg. In essence, this means that if your TDV is divided by two and this number is larger than the volume in your strongest leg, then the exceeding volume is eliminated. However, if this calculated 50% rule volume is less than the volume in your qualified downline, then you benefit from the entirety of that volume.

Ensuring that you build evenly across your legs is pivotal to maximizing your benefits and preventing loss of volume due to the 50% rule. By maintaining balance, you can avoid missing out on potential volume that might be removed due to the rule.

Calculating your qualified downline volume involves adding up the qualified downline volume in the legs below, along with the personally purchased PV (Personal Volume). This cumulative volume is the basis for determining your rank across both legs. For example, if you’re aiming for the One Star Master Rank, you need to achieve a specific volume threshold and fulfill the criteria for star-qualified legs.

This is illustrated by considering someone who has 129,725.16 volume and possesses five qualified star legs. Their volume surpasses the requirements for a Five Star rank, and their legs also meet the criteria. This, in essence, showcases how your rank and star-qualified legs are intertwined.

In addition to the above, several other key factors play into qualification. Utilizing tools like the People Mover report aids in optimizing your team placement strategy, helping you build evenly and capitalize on volume. The Personal Downline Volume report provides an insightful view of your team’s status and aids in identifying potential for advancement.

As a side note, the recent Mower Mountain event was truly remarkable. It was an excellently organized event where people enjoyed themselves while benefiting from valuable training, product announcements, and an overall fantastic atmosphere. We hope to see the Australia New Zealand market continue to flourish and welcome more participants to next year’s Mower Mountain event. It’s an opportunity to engage with us in a unique setting that reflects our passion for our working cattle ranch and lifestyle.

We value your time and encourage you to reach out if you have any questions or need clarifications. Your success is our priority, and we’re here to support you on your journey. Whether you join us in Australia, New Zealand, or here in Utah USA, we look forward to connecting and growing together. Thank you for your time and dedication to Sisel!”


Last Updated on October 18, 2023 by Katie Sisel Distributor

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