Is Sisel a pyramid scheme?

Last Updated on August 12, 2016 by Katie Sisel Distributor

Sisel International is NOT a pyramid scheme

  • Sisel International is a Legitimate Multi Level Marketing Company (MLM)
  • Sisel International is the best MLM company

What is a pyramid scheme:

  • A business model that recruits members with no products or services
  • As recruiting multiplies, recruiting becomes quickly impossible
  • Most members are unable to profit
  • Pyramid schemes are unsustainable and often illegal
  • The person at the top gets the highest payout

Consumers often confuse legitimate multi-level marketing (MLM) with pyramid schemes. [Ref:]


Why is Sisel International the best MLM Company?

  1. Most Generous Compensation Plan in the industry
  2. Buying direct from Manufacturer means decrease in product cost
  3. Sisel’s has supply chain security
  4. Sisel has full quality control for the production of products
  5. In country distribution (easy to supply customers and build a business)
  6. No inventory to purchase
  7. No employees to manage
  8. Diverse range of products over 260 products
  9. 10% of top selling products equals 90% of sales
  10. Top selling products are retailed in Australia
  11. No company share holders
  12. Sisel International is protected by Dynasty Trust (which means it can’t be sold for 250 years)

Sisel best MLM


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