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Sisel TSX Video

Sisel TSX Video 2020

20 April 2020. By Katie Larking

Sisel TSX. Advanced Telomere Age-Reversal Support Supplement. Tom Mower Sr is the product formulator for Telomere Support Extreme. Sisel TSX is one of the key products in the Road to Immortality Pack.

TS-X™ supports your telomere health. Sisel has the answer to reversing the aging clock with Telomere Support Extreme-also known as TS-X™. This is a phenomenal break-through in science and nutritional technology. TS-X™ has the ability to assist in lengthening the telomeres in your body so you can practically turn back the clock.

Telomeres are compounds that cap the ends of the 23 pairs of chromosomes in every human cell and their function in the body appears to be protecting the DNA in those chromosomes and the chromosomes themselves from fraying and unraveling. Our bodies manufacture the telomere enzymes, which keeps telomeres strong. But as we age, we process less telomeres, resulting in the telomeres growing shorter.

At the ends of the chromosomes are stretches of DNA called telomeres. A telomere is a repeating DNA sequence that sits like a “beanie cap” or “small sock” at the end of each chromosome. Telomeres protect our genetic data and make it possible for cells to divide. Telomeres regulate the duplication of our cells.

Our bodies manufacture an enzyme that keeps telomeres strong. But as we age, our enzyme production diminishes, resulting in the telomeres growing shorter. As they shorten, it’s like a clock counting down in our bodies: shorter telomeres means more fraying on the strands of DNA and chromosomes, and it results in—as scientists speculate—aging.

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