The Road to Immortality Pack

Road to Immortality Pack™

The Road to Immortality Pack

The Road to Immortality Pack

Take a Turn on the Road to Immortality

Sisels Road to Immortality pack we believe is the most comprehensive combination of supplements ever formulated to promote longevity and youthfulness by employing a multifaceted approach to stem cell health.*

Stem Cells and Aging

Nobel Prize-winning research from multiple higher education and medical institutes has demonstrated a link between the decline of human stem cells and biological aging. When we are born, we start out with trillions of stem cells and that number grows through a replication process as we mature from childhood to young adulthood. At a certain age, stem cells begin to die off faster than they can replicate, causing the factors we recognize as biological aging.

Four main factors of stem cell decline have been identified. Sisels Road to Immortality pack provides a four-pronged counter attack to these factors:

Glycation and Lipofuscin

Through metabolization, oxidation, and other internal and external environmental factors, stem cells become clogged with a plaque-like substance called glycation and a toxin called lipofuscin. This cellular “garbage” inhibits the function of stem cells, leading to the perpetuation of biological aging.

The A.G.E. Pill

The A.G.E. Pill supports the body to clean and reduce the build-up of glycation and lipofuscin, rejuvinating stem cells, and provides the added benefit of fueling cellular energy.*

Shortening of Telomeres

Every stem cell structure is capped at the end with a compound called telomeres. The apparent function of these telomeres are to protect chromosomal DNA and the chromosomes themselves from wear and tear. As we age, the production of enzymes that keeps telomeres strong declines – this causes telomeres to shorten and weakens stem cells ability to reproduce.


TS-X utlizes the power of astragalus and bacopa extract to support the lengthening of telomeres and help the body adapt to mental, physical, and emotional stress.*


Scientists discovered that when stem cells reach the end of their functional lifespan, instead of disappearing, they go into a state of senescence. These senescent, “zombie-like” cells hang around and emit toxins. Although these toxins are designed to flag down the immune system in order to initiate apoptosis (the natural process of cellular destruction and clearing), they have the negative side-effect of damaging healthy stem cells. Aging inhibits the immune systems apoptotic response, allowing senescent stem cells to hang around and expose their toxity to healthy cells longer.


Stem.O.Lytic is a combination of eight super supplements that join forces to support and speed up the immune systems apoptotic ability. Like giving a wrecking crew a powerful wrecking ball, supplementation of StemOLytic supports the body to help to quickly destroy and clean out senescent cells, clearing the path for healthy stem cells to function and replicate.*

Decline in Cellular Energy

ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) is a complex organic chemical found in all forms of life that provides the essential energy that drives many processes in living stem cells. This energy is critical to everything we do, including muscle movement and brain function. As we age, our ability to metabolize and create more ATP declines, leading to the telltale lethargy and sluggishness of old age.


This delicious triple-berry drink packs a powerful punch of hydrogen and magnesium. As the smallest molecule in existence, hydrogen has the ability to permeate any cell membrane, injecting cells with natural fuel and assisting in the production of ATP energy. Magnesium helps this fuel-to-energy conversion, among many additional health benefits.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. This information was taken from teh Sisel website.


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