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Transcript from Tom’s call on Sisel Burn and Turn. Revolutionary Weight Loss Formula:

“Tell you what if we were inspired about anything it is about weight loss.” CEO of Sisel

“Over the last year as everybody knows we did not launch a new weight loss product last year. This is because we’ve been following some research for the last few years and putting it together.

It’s really two products in a system that you buy together. So it’s great to be on the call today and talk a little bit about what we have. A lot of exciting new products that people can utilize now. With the m sisters and brothers hair products beard products, hair gel and other products we’ve been able to make Sisel safe. I was talking to our quality Department today and going through some natural products with antioxidant events and I reminded them too it’s not so much about the exciting things that we put together but it’s so exciting what we don’t have in those formulations.

We test for many things that virtually other companies don’t even think about that we’re concerned about. We don’t want residues of certain ingredients in our formulations. We reject a lot of raw ingredients. We reject a lot of finished goods. It is hard to see a lot of this stuff go to scrap. Not because it’s not legal to sell but it’s because it doesn’t meet our Sisel standard.

So that’s really exciting and you know we talked about the word inspired. I love the word I love to be inspired. I’m inspired to tell Liesel that the picture behind her is crooked and so there are so many things that the word inspired brings. The only thing that it lacks for me is fire because we have a message that is exciting.

We have products that people can’t get anywhere else in the world. Literally, that is the reason why we research, we manufacture, we procure ingredients. Unlike everybody else in the industry, we control the process from here. All the way and so we control it all.”

“So we can do it differently and you know many of you have heard us talk about one of my dad’s favourite sayings. We actually put it on his headstone. I choose to be an uncommon man. That’s how dad was and that’s how we are.”

“Today I wanted to get on for a few minutes. I want to talk to you about something we’ve looked at for quite a few years. Some of this research is in that line. We have been working on a weight loss product and it started as a weight loss product but then we realized one question that we wanted to answer is, what are a lot of the benefits that come from weight loss.”

“Well if you’re just starving yourself to death obviously there’s a lot of damage that could be done. What can we do to help lower cholesterol, help with diabetes insulin production, better cardiovascular health and longevity and so we look for ingredients that do all of this and promote weight loss.”

“About a month ago I was talking to a PhD biochemist over here at Brigham Young University and he deals with that metabolism. I told him what my concept was and he said wow, this is exactly what I study for some pharmaceutical companies he said. I’ve always wondered, why is somebody not studying it from a nutritional standpoint and he said you’re spot on. He said this isn’t just cutting edge this is bleeding edge what you are doing. You are addressing it in a totally different way. So we talk about weight loss and typical ingredients. We talk about a ketosis diet. We talk about starvation, limiting carbs, things that accelerate our metabolism, that help us to burn calories. What if we were to search and research ingredients that would help us take white fat cells that are storage cells that hold all of this excess weight and help to push that from the cell for energy, for a brown fat cell?”

“That’s how it works under the right circumstances. But with the hundreds of millions of studies out there are ingredients that have been studied to do that and have shown great results.”

“So we put these together with the mindset that by using the right amounts of certain ingredients we could take a white fat cell. If you look at the PowerPoint you’ll see that there’s a white fat cell there and it’s got a white mass in it and then it has one mitochondrion and is like a little gas engine that’s producing energy.”

“All of your cells contain those but in a white fat cell there are only a couple, and they only produce enough energy to maintain the integrity of that cell. Exactly the opposite, a brown fat cell wants to just produce so much energy that your body and your organs can utilize that energy.”

“So it has very little storage capacity but it has lots of mitochondria to do this. So we researched for the last few years and really heavily the last two years to find out what is Kudzu.”

“We know about Resveratrol and we know about a lot of these ingredients and how they benefit.l There’s a morning formulation because our metabolism is different throughout the day and we found ingredients that can give us a little bump in heat and internally and by doing that it’s kind of like more wood on the fire, more heat is generated so we can constantly be burning this fat as we’re helping to nutritionally drive this big white fat droplet out and have it go through a process. Through the liver to where it can be utilized as energy for brown fat cells to consume let’s go to the next slide.”

“So the product is called Turn and Burn and you have the Turn product in the morning you have the Burn product at night. The Burn product has a little bit of melatonin it.”

“Why is that important? Melatonin will slightly increase your body temperature it won’t make you hot when you sleep but it will definitely help you consume more calories.”

“One key component of weight loss is having enough rest and proper sleep, so it helps us to get more sleep. We know through studies that people who lack sleep gain weight. So this helps us get a few more minutes, or hours every night of restful sleep. It is not about a longer sleep but a more restful sleep during those six to eight hours that you’re sleeping. Let us go to the next slide.”

“Now this package, these products come in a beautifully designed box that helps you. See the first part of that slide it might be a little bit small but it has the ingredients listed on the outside of the box for the Turn AM product and then the Burn PM product in it.”

“So it makes it easy to see we have a green tea extract full of ECG this is definitely linked to weight loss. Definitely linked to metabolism. We have “rutin” in there. You are going to find that is very novel. Once again this triggers additional mitochondria response and helps to move that fat. Each of these ingredients and some of these were in combination. We find that curcuminoids are really big in helping to burn fat.”

“Also, Olive extract helps us with cholesterol. All of these have studies that are either synergetic with one another or independent in this process. Now we have had some of you in the office for the last two months trying this product. We have had some Dynamic results not just in weight loss but in overall health.”

“We have one individual who says when are you going to bring this product out? I was on it for two months and I’m injecting myself every day with insulin and my insulin consumption has gone way down. Since I have been taking it my blood glucose levels have been maintained a lot lower. Why is it that? We are utilizing this energy. Also this is a companion product with Sisel thin. Part of this program is these two dynamic products that help us trigger weight loss through multiple areas.”

“Also consume a clean diet. So we are asking people to exercise and diet. We are not saying you have to go with a strict Atkins or Keto diet but eat a Clean Diet. We want some vegetables. We want to limit the carb intake where possible. We find when people have an absolute they can’t do something. They have failure.”

“So that was a major point two years ago too. I thought we have got to nutritionally help people receive the weight loss that they’re looking for without these absolutes because we set people up for failure. So a continual use of this product you will see continued results. So much just like olive oil with a better heart health and better cholesterol and so much more. Let us go to the next slide.”

“you’ll see in that box there was a diagram that kind of showed the White and the brown fat cell. So to Inspire the very first product of the year is our weight loss challenge. Let us go to the next slide. So it is fun to have a goal think what happens if I hit my goals, if I compete to achieve Better Health. What a great thing to say you achieve Better Health. What is my reward ? I mean your ultimate reward is better health. You look and feel better. Your body’s running better.”

“I’m excited to hear about this just like the gentleman here at work. He said I don’t consume as much insulin, my injections are less. That is what I want to hear. I’m still inspired every time I have somebody tell me about Sisel TSX product. I had my telomeres measured and I’ve lost three years off my biological Age! I still get those stories all the time. People who want to want to go out. They want to have their DNA tested and they watch what happens as they get new and better health. So for 2023 let’s all strive not only to achieve our goals but to Inspire others so they can go out and reach their goals. I will tell you as I was signing some six-star certificates and some other certificates for people here in the U.S what I realize is it is about those leaders who are out there inspiring others to achieve their goals. To receive the blessings that they’re looking for because by helping other people you know they’re really helping themselves. That’s not what their intent is but it is nice. So Sisel has something for everybody. Are you looking for better health, and a better business opportunity? What is your Ace in the sleeve?”

“We are unique in the industry we were the first with removing harmful ingredients. We were the first to go 100 % fully sourced material and research for our own products. This is something that will go on and on for decades to come and so you’re building a great future now! I see a question pop up here when are we going to be able to purchase the Turn and Burn product? This is coming up in the next couple of weeks. “(End of  Jan 23)

“They are all going through quality now. They are going through encapsulation and packaging. I’m going to say probably the last week of the month. Everything should be back from testing because not only do we have to do the testing for the FDA but we have to do all the Sisel testing too. I check the products for a lot of things, including heavy metals and possibly other ingredients that could be there. I won’t allow them in our products. So I’m 95% sure it will be the last week of this month all these products will be available. So let’s get out there and let’s have a big year and congratulations on all the growth that you guys have had these last few months. I was able to go to Japan the last month after not being there for three years.”

“Hard to believe the pandemic is going away. I mean we look at the world economy that’s a horrible situation but guess what therein lies the opportunity for home businesses. People are looking for opportunities. Everybody wants better health. So we’re in the right industry right here. People are looking for an Opportunity. Nobody has the MOWER Mission, with longevity and nobody is looking to the Future like Sisel is. I hope This has inspired you today. Every day I’m inspired when I come to work because there are so many new and exciting things. So I want to wish everybody a very happy One for the record books and I know this one will be. Also a big thank you.”

“Thanks for joining us today. Especially when you’re not feeling good so go and shovel all that snow. This weekend. Let me ask you one question before you go is Turn and Burn a stand-alone product? Someone was asking if they don’t want to take the other products. Also for someone who doesn’t like caffeine how well will that be as a standalone product?”

“Absolutely it works great by itself. When we did the testing we did it as a standalone. I mean definitely. If you are going to do some exercise Sisel Sport is a great product to go with. You can do 20 to 30 per cent more exercise with Sisel Sport. Use Sisel Thin if you are you need to limit your carbohydrates because that’s the quickest way to gain weight. If you overconsume simple carbohydrates. Sisel Thin helps with that because it floods the body with ketones. It helps one to get through the first four or five days which are very difficult when following a ketosis-friendly diet. It will work as a standalone product too. Absolutely and that’s what we tested. These ingredients were tested as stand-alone by themselves. Then two or three of them were put together and they found that it wasn’t one plus one equals two. One plus one equals ten because the results were greatly magnified. So the short answer is yes it can be used as a standalone product.”

“Okay, the last question and then we will let you go. You mentioned possibly doing a cream that you would rub in someone said about 18 months ago, kind of whispers of that. Is there anything in the future that you see? A cream I think they’re talking about a thigh cream. A cellulite cream to help. We are working on that. There’s some new technology. We are watching the technology. Definitely, we were the leaders back in the 1990s with ingredients that came out nobody did more in the entire world than we did. So we are definitely looking at that. I don’t have a time period to launch that. I’m looking for new particle sizes. New types of ingredients to get that in there. Let me tell you, many of the ingredients that you see in the AM PM Turn and Burn product will be utilized to target those cellulite fatty deposits. We’ve got to find better ways to penetrate it through the dermis for a cream.”

“Thank you, awesome. Thanks for joining us guys, they’ve loved it. Everybody’s saying thank you. Awesome information, thanks for sharing your time. Great presentation and products. They are so excited. Appreciate it.”

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