Dr Curt’s Favourite Sisel Products

Dr Curt’s Favourite Sisel Products Video

Alright, we’re being livestreamed on Facebook. Everyone, welcome to the World Team Room. Welcome to the call tonight. I’m going to cover a few of my favorite Sisel products and share the reasons why I might cover even more than that. It might be more than just my favorite product; it might encompass everything because I take everything seriously, as you’ll find out. I’m a product of the product, and I genuinely believe in what we’re doing here. I was just talking to a friend of mine this morning and sharing with her and her husband. You know, my mom passed away three months ago, but up until the very end, she was doing great. If you have to go, that’s the way to go. One day you’re healthy, talking to your kids; the next day you’re not.

You’ve heard me share in the past that, in today’s world, many people live 10 to 20 years longer because they slowly wear out. It’s sad because they end up in nursing homes, needing care. To me, that’s not the way I want to go. I’d rather go like my mom did—one day, not here anymore. So, I think that’s a good thing. But anyhow, we won’t dwell on that too much tonight. We’re talking about how to stay healthy. I’ll start this recording from this point.

My name is Dr. Curt Ficenec. Thanks for being here, everyone. Tonight, we’re going to share a little bit about Sisel products, and I’m going to approach it differently. I’ll share information on why I take the products I do and why I got started with Sisel in the first place. About 15 years ago, I was on my way to a seminar in St. Louis, Missouri, passing through Omaha, Nebraska. I decided to call a friend who had made millions in network marketing. He was one reason I got into network marketing after my motorcycle accident. I told him I couldn’t go back to work as a chiropractor, and he advised me to find a company I could truly believe in, become a product of the product, and commit wholeheartedly.

I found out about Sisel when I was passing through Omaha. He gave me information about Sisel TSX, which piqued my interest. Sisel TSX supports healthy telomerase and telomere activity, determining your lifespan. I was intrigued by its potency and affordability compared to other products.

Next, I learned about fucoxanthin, found in brown seaweed extract, which Tom Mower Senior talked about. It had impressive anti-inflammatory properties and immune system support. Considering the challenges we face in today’s world, maintaining a healthy immune system is crucial.

Then, there’s Sisel Eternity, a Resveratrol product. Resveratrol is known for its DNA repair capabilities. It’s concentrated and potent, offering more benefits than a glass of red wine.

Sisel SpectraMaxx is another favorite of mine. It provides essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and trace minerals. This ensures that even on days when my diet lacks certain nutrients, I’m covered.

Now, let’s discuss the Age Pill, introduced in the last seven years. I take eight of these daily. It helps rebuild NAD levels, supporting healthy stem cells and removing harmful toxins that accumulate in our bodies due to daily stresses and environmental factors.

Lastly, Sisel Brain Vitality is one of my go-to products. My 86-year-old dad also uses it and remains sharp as a tack. He’s the one who got me into working on old cars.

I hope this information sheds light on why I’m passionate about these products and why I believe they can make a difference in your health and well-being.

I remember my early childhood, and one of my fondest memories revolves around my father’s 1960 DeSoto. He had transformed it from a Ford into a Ute, as they call it in Australia (similar to a pickup truck). It was a massive undertaking, considering it started as a DeSoto, but he eventually turned it into an El Camino-style pickup truck. He ignited my passion for old cars, and to this day, he remains incredibly sharp, especially when we work on his automotive projects. It’s fascinating to see the innovative ideas and inventions he’s incorporated into his vehicles.

About six or seven years ago, my father and I were having a conversation. He mentioned experiencing some memory lapses, which, while not diagnosed as Alzheimer’s, we jokingly called “some timers.” Concerned for him, I suggested he try Sisel Brain Vitality. I handed him a bottle and recommended taking a double dose for two weeks. Surprisingly, after that period, he reported a noticeable improvement. He called it a product he’d never want to be without. So, I made sure to stock up on Sisel Brain Vitality, especially when the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted supply chains. My father has a constant supply, and we just ordered six more bottles yesterday.

Sisel Brain Vitality boasts special ingredients, including a unique form of magnesium and high-quality curcumin. These components help clear blockages that affect brain circulation, providing essential nutrition for brain cells. This is crucial because your body requires the right nutrition when it’s needed most. If you lack the necessary nutrients, your body resorts to subpar alternatives, much like using regular gasoline in a high-performance sports car designed for premium fuel. Specialized nutrition ensures your body functions optimally.

A friend recently mentioned switching to a cheaper product, but I cautioned him about the importance of quality nutrition. I’m not the type to focus on skincare or aesthetics, but a few years ago, I realized the importance of maintaining youthful skin. Tom introduced Sisel Transfusium, a skincare product that targets deep skin structure. Using it daily, I documented the transformation, creating a time-lapse video that showcased the improvement in my skin’s health and appearance.

Another skincare favorite is Sisel Actify 6000, which replenishes moisture, particularly beneficial for those who don’t drink enough water or spend time in the sun. It even offers natural UV protection, reducing the need for additional sunscreen, though I must emphasize we should be cautious about making strong claims due to industry regulations.

I aim to maintain a youthful appearance, even at 110 years old. That’s where Vital Vision comes in, with its super nutrients designed to support eye health. While I can’t make medical claims, I’ve witnessed a friend’s significant improvement in retinitis pigmentosa, a condition that typically leads to blindness.

Super Omega Plus is another must-have. It balances various omega fatty acids to support overall health, with the added benefit of CoQ10, essential for individuals on statin drugs. These drugs can inhibit the body’s ability to produce Sisel CoQ10, making supplementation vital.

Sisel Stemolytic tackles senescent cells, those damaged and troublesome cells that contribute to various health issues. Studies suggest that its ingredients, like Gwiserton and Thistin, can aid in improving health and longevity.

Sisel Thin has helped me shed 40 pounds while controlling my appetite and cravings. Sisel Silver, containing colloidal silver, is my secret weapon for immune support. Silver’s historical use during pandemics has a basis in science, and it’s a product I rely on.

Sisel Turn and Burn efficiently converts storage fat into energy and fuel, simplifying weight management. Body Shield contains fulvic acid, known for detoxifying and supporting the immune system. For Sisel 4Restore with L-Arginine assists in maintaining clean and open arteries.

Lastly, Sisel Sport serves as my daily energy boost, which I pair with my vitamins for a powerful start to the day. I apologize for the rapid rundown, but I wanted to keep it within the time limit. Remember, my goal is to simplify complex concepts, making it easier for everyone to understand and benefit from these incredible Sisel Int products.

Thank you for joining me tonight, even if I’ve gone over the allocated time. I appreciate your presence. Have a fantastic weekend, whether it’s spring or fall in your part of the world. Enjoy your time, and let’s reconvene next Friday. Goodbye!

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