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Sisel Life

Sisel Beauty – New make-up range
Sisel Beauty – New make-up range due to be released by end of August 2015.

Consumers provided feedback to Sisel that the lipsticks didn’t apply well compared to other retail lipstick brands. The liquid foundations and lipsticks are very safe, however Sisel felt they needed to be improved. Rather than continue to manufacture old formulations of the lipstick or liquid foundation, Sisel went to work on producing the new formulations straight away. They continued to sell the previous stock and decided not to manufacture another batch, instead work on manufacturing the new formulations (this is why Walnut liquid foundation is available as this colour has not sold out in the old version of the formula). Creating a new production line for the lipsticks and liquid foundations has caused a time lag in the new product line being available. An entire NEW range of make-up called Sisel Beauty including new liquid foundations, lipsticks and lip glosses are expected to be released before the end of August and are currently in beta testing (pending no further production or shipping delays – we will keep you updated should any dates change).

Sisel Life – New Home Party Plan for Sisel’s new make-up range
“Sisel Life” the new Home Party Program is in beta testing. It is being developed which will include the new Sisel Beauty Line (the new name for the Sisel make-up range). This will be a great new opportunity to host home parties to share Sisel Beauty products with friends, family and interested people.

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