Is your skin care and personal care containers leaching chemicals into your products?

What about the plastic containers that are being used to store the product formulas? Are they leaching chemicals into your product?

Plastic Bottles and Containers can leach chemicals into product formulas…this is of concern and is another reason to use SISEL SAFE products as the packaging/plastics used by SISEL are 100% SAFE.

The plastic bottles and containers used for other brands of hair shampoo, skin care, and personal care products (included bottled drinking water) contain potentially harmful chemicals.

In your skin, hair care and other bottles you use every day, the ingredients in shampoos, lotions, and water itself, ARE SOLVENTS! (e.g. breakdowns plastic).

These solvents literally cause these potentially harmful ingredients to come out of the plastic bottles and into the products you are using!!! (unless you use SISEL SAFE products).

The toxins are not listed on the label because they are created as a by product when the products ingredients are mixed together and come in contact with the packaging. Once in contact with the packaging because the ingredients contain solvents chemicals from plastic begin leaching into your product.

So when you put the products on skin or hair, these toxins immediately go into the skin and throughout your body in as little as 60-90 seconds.

Look for them on your label…some of them are found in ingredients containing these words: PEG, laureth, Polysorbate, DEA, TEA, and more. See attachment (chemical check-list)  at bottom of page for more information.

Almost all formulas for personal care contain them.

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So STOP Worrying and

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Sisel Safe Products Toxic Free

Sisel Safe Products Toxic Free

Last Updated on March 27, 2023 by Katie Sisel Distributor