Butylene Glycol is not a endocrine disruptor

Butylene Glycol is not a endocrine disruptor, and it is not a petro chemical. It is an Organic alcohol The EWG rates it at the lowest level of hazard 0-1.

Butylene Glycol is not the same as Ethylene glycol (known to be used in anti-freeze) and Propylene glycol (skin irritant and sensitizer). Many people have lumped it together with its more toxic cousins.

But it is important to note that Butylene Glycol is not “anti-freeze”. Unlike its more toxic cousins, Butylene glycol is not a known carcinogen and, reportedly, there are no documented organ-specific toxicities associated with it.

Butylene Glycol is used for its humectant properties, as a conditioning agent, and to help other ingredients dissolve into water. Butylene glycol is found in “food flavoring agents” as well as regular cosmetics product.

Its EWG.org score is 0-1 (depending on concentration) which means “Low Hazard” .

Phenoxyethanol is used in a very low level to replace the harmful parabens used in most cosmetics. It is not a synthetic but derived from grapefruit seed.. In less than 1% it is insignificant in toxic or endocrine disrupting which at best it is so small as to be completely disregarded from concern of anyone except an extremist.

Skin and hair care products use about 1/10th of 1 percent. Most importantly it is not residual and if ingested is flushed from the body in hours, so no build up. So if you are not eating your hair shampoo or conditioner, skin lotion, you are save.

Most importantly is so low on toxicity and impedes so many varieties of micro-organisms from developing it is very effective and about as low or lower a level of toxicity as any preservative.

It is safe and effective, does not build up in the body, does not penetrate into the blood system and kills or inhibits dangerous microbes at the same to time.

In the miniscule amounts used and the low toxicity level is great for a preservative.To say otherwise is, as Shakespear said, Much ado about nothing.

By Tom Mower CEO and Co-founder of Sisel International

Sisel Safe Products Toxic Free

Sisel Safe Products Toxic Free

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