The AGE Pill in Canada

It’s interesting that when I told my Canadian friend about the AGE Pill in Canada, they think it’s just for people who want to live longer. Everyone would agree living longer is not a good idea if you are sick.

Why would you want a Canadian want to take the AGE Pill just to live longer? It’s no fun to keep living if you are sick. Well, this assumption is not right. To live a long time you need to ward off disease and illness. So really when we talk about age reversal we are talking addressing age-related disease and illness at the same time. These are not separate issues, they are one and the same.

In Canada, the average life expectancy was 80 years for males and 84 years for females in 2018. Interesting to note that is higher than the US and UK. Hmmm….

Top 5 Diseases faced by Canadians

Let’s take a look at the top 5 health issues facing Canadians.

  1. Cancer is the leading cause of death in Canada. Current statistics say that two out of five Canadians will develop the disease, according to the Chief Public Health Officer. Here is the keynote: “The risk of getting cancer increases as you get older.”
  2. Cardiovascular Disease, is number two, according to the Chief Public Health Officer. Cardiovascular disease increases the risk of heart attack and stroke. The risk of getting cardiovascular disease increases with age.
  3. Ranking number three is diabetes. The Chief Public Health Officer says that diabetes is on the rise, especially among children. Again we hear the comment that The risk of diabetes increases with age and it’s one of the most common chronic illnesses among Canadians.
  4. & 5 Coming in at number four is Injuries, and sadly Mood Disorders ranks number five. Mood disorders such as depression or bipolar disorder are on the increase among Canadians according to the Public Health Officer.

Age-related diseases rank in the top three faced by Canadians. In other words, as you get older you are more likely to suffer these afflictions.

Do you want to get old?

Perhaps now you might look at aging differently. There are many reasons I take the AGE Pill. You can see why I don’t want to get old. Do you? So if you are looking for the Sisel AGE Pill Canada, you have come to the right place. Let’s take a look at Candian AGE Pill Review. (You might like to read more AGE Pill Reviews).

The AGE Pill in Canada

Canadian Age Pill Review

Andrea from Canada – More YOUTHFUL SKIN with the AGE Pill
“My skin started surprising me about the 5 th day of using the AGE pill. I have had several disruptions of normal growth on my arms over the last few years. I attempt to fight it with natural remedies. My skin was extremely dry too. It’s been wrinkly, dry, and giving away my age too much. But, after 5 days and now up to 22 days of using the AGE pill, my skin on my arms and all over feels marvellous. I had my daughter 28 years younger than me feel the skin on my arm yesterday. She exclaimed, “Wow Mom, it feels like my skin feels when I’m pregnant!” I am loving all the results I’m experiencing from taking this formulation of natural extracts found in the A.G.E. Pill.”

After reading this AGE Pill review by a fellow Canadian you probably want to know how and where to buy the AGE Pill.

How to buy Sisel International Products including the AGE Pill

Sisel ships the AGE Pill from the Sisel USA to Sisel Canada. The products are delivered to Canadians directly from the Sisel Manufacturing plant. Sisel’s AGE Pill price is $119.90 USD for a two pack. This is the best price and is only offered to Sisel International Distributors. You can purchase the AGE Pill in Canada online. It is not sold in shops. Before you go ahead it’s a good idea to read the how to buy Sisel Products page.

Take a look at Sisel International companion products, they can give you a real boost alongside the AGE Pill.

In closing I would always say if you have a medical condition please consult your health care provider before taking supplementation. In addition, I would prefer someone to improve their lifestyle and eat well before taking the AGE Pill. Because there is no magic pill for good health!. That being said the AGE Pill is fabulous!

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