The Truth about Neways Australia

Many X Neways Australia customers have been left in the dark about the truth of Neways. Neways Australia was massively popular in Australia between 1995 and 2006.

The Truth about Neways Australia

Neways Australia attracted a strong customer base because the products they produced where very high quality. The heart and soul of the company was the Mower Mission. The Mission was about producing safe toxin free products and educating people about safe alternatives.

The Mowers developed their own unique powerful formulations in their own family owned manufacturing facility. Did you know this is still producing products today, more about that later.

Neways Australia also made powerful and effective nutritionals supplements many become extremely popular and to this day people are still searching for the products in the Neways range.

Tom and Dee Mower sold the company to due to a divorce.  Neways was taken over and the products were reformulated, later the company changed the name. The Neways name was no more. 

In my opinion, the heart and soul, mission and science behind the Neways Australia products left with Tom Mower Sr.

Tom and his Son Tom Mower Jr started a new company called Sisel International in 2006, you can order the products here.

I have done a comparison of the old Neways Australia products to the new product produced by Tom which you can see here.

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