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Katie, I really like listening about the collagen product because, you know, it’s a great product. It does taste good, like they were just talking about it. I mix it in with my coffee every morning, so it’s easy to take. The biggest problem with Sisel Collagen b3 is the fact that most people don’t take it because of the taste. Yeah, absolutely.’

So yeah, that was, we’ve covered collagen. And I know Curt, you’d sent out an email; we were going to talk about the top five products in Australia. So I’ve re-shared this slide that Tom Jr. shared on a previous talk. Do you want to go through those top five products and why they’re popular in Australia?

Yeah, well, you know, Katie, can you show that whole slide, or is this currently part of it? Oh, hang on. Let me do a new share. Stop share. And I’m doing YouTube. Yeah. Can you do the whole slide with Australia and the United States?

Yeah, I can. Hang on a second. I’d like to just stop the share because I find it interesting when you look at the top 20 products in both countries and you see how we’re so totally different. And, you know, before Katie brings that up, I’m just to say this: if you take a look at the top products in Australia, they’re mostly health-related, whereas if you look at the top 20 products in the United States, they’re mostly fitness-related. Weight loss, weight loss—people here, we’re an overweight country. Look at me, you know, we’re fat, and that’s the truth of the matter.

So, our top products, year in, year out, if you watch our TV starting probably in October next month, you’ll see the slide. Look at those top products, compare them top 20 in both countries. Yeah, you know if you look at the fitness products in the United States, six fitness products; in Australia, two health-related products in the United States, 11. Health products done in Australia, 14. Home-related products. You know, the laundry detergent is one of the top 20 here in the United States. You know, that doesn’t show up over there. The personal care products, again, you guys have a couple more personal care products that you like, but look at the top five. The only one that’s the same is Fucoydon.

And, of course, Fucoydon is our number one product across the globe, back and forth, back and forth. It’ll sometimes switch to Age, but if you look at the United States, Age Pill is number 17. Right? Yeah, absolutely right. So I wanted to point that out. The big difference is really over here; we focus a lot on our weight. You look at Sisel Ripped; it’s a weight-related product, a product for building muscle. You look at Fire and Ice Tea; it’s an energy-related product. Most people here don’t have a lot of energy because they’re overweight. You know, we have bad guts, and Supra Omega is really Omega-3s are marketed a lot on TV and things like that.

So anyhow, I want to say that, but down in Australia, let’s talk about those products now. So Katie, if we can zoom in just in Australia, I want to talk about those products that are important down there. Each of them, you know, the Age Pill is so important. You’ve heard Katie and me talk about it a lot. I mean, last year at this time, we did three months of just talking about the Age Pill. Why is it one of the top-selling products down in Australia? Because we talk about it a lot, and people have tried it and found that it works. So it’s going to stay on the top of the list as long as people are talking about it. So keep talking about it; it’s the number one product sold down in Australia. Here in the United States, you know, people need to find out more about it. So if you’re from the United States and you’re listening to this call, start investigating glycation, start investigating NAD, and you’ll find that the Age Pill is there; there’s nothing like it anywhere else in the world.

Fucoidan is the number one product in the United States, it’s the number two product down in Australia. Fucoidan is a product made from an extract from brown seaweed to Limu moui, and it’s got some pretty amazing properties. It helps to get rid of inflammation and helps with the immune system. Who couldn’t use a stronger immune system in today’s world? Think about it. The way that Sisel makes it, Sisel owns over a hundred patents just on this one product alone on the manufacturer and the intelligence of this product. They’ve got the genius award twice on this product, so it’s a great product. If you don’t know anything about it, get a hold of somebody, and they’ll help you get some information on it. If you’re listening to this recording and you don’t know anything about it, you should really find out about Brain Vitality. My dad, he’s 85 years old, to be 86 in December, and about eight to ten years ago, he started complaining a little bit about having memory challenges. I said, “Oh, you’ve got to try this product.” I flipped him over a bottle of Sisel Brain Vitality, two weeks into it, he’s just taken the normal dosage on the bottle. Two weeks into it, he calls me and says, “Kurt,” he says, “I don’t ever want to go without this product. It’s working that good. I can feel a difference.” My dad’s one of those guys that, you know, he doesn’t really say much unless he’s got something to say. So I kind of tell people that that’s my go-to testimonial with Sisel Brain Vitality. If you know anybody that’s getting older, you know, 50, even now in today’s world, they’re saying that they’re starting to notice a cognitive decline in people in their late 40s, so you might want to start taking that one even earlier than that. And definitely if you’re getting into your 50s or 60s, you want to take the Sisel Brain Vitality.

It’s a high-potency Resveratrol product, and what I try to tell people about Resveratrol is that it was studied by a scientist I can’t mention his name because he likes to sue everyone that mentions his name because he assumes that they’re trying to make it that he puts a stamp of approval on our products, so we don’t mention his name ever. But, you know, he works at one of the major universities here in the United States and done a lot of research, and Resveratrol was really studied as the fountain of youth. Back when they started doing research on it, they thought they had found the fountain of youth, and what it does is it’s an ingredient that helps with anti-angiogenic properties. Resveratrol is not, we can’t say that about Eternity, right? Like Tom Jr. said, or Tom Jr. Jr. said before his recording on the collagen, we can’t

Know we can’t make any claims on our products because we haven’t been tested for that, but we can definitely talk about the ingredients. Resveratrol has been shown to be anti-angiogenic, which means that it cuts off the blood supply to tumors. Resveratrol does that, and Eternity is a really powerful Resveratrol product. In my opinion, it’s one of the strongest resveratrol products on the market. It’s got the equivalency in one little 20 millimeter dose of the equivalent of drinking 300 glasses of red wine. Think about that, 300 glasses of red wine—that’s the Resveratrol dosage in it.

Probably for the anti-aging part of it, the main thing that it does is it works with the seven known sirtuin genes. These genes repair damaged DNA caused by various factors like stress, UV radiation, injuries, accidents, and more. Eternity helps to repair that damaged DNA, which is really important.

And then, of course, there’s Super Shine Toothpaste. It’s number five on the list down in Australia. Maybe you guys just like to have better teeth than we do over here; I don’t know. Maybe there’s a lot more competition for toothpaste over here. There’s a lot of different reasons for it, but it’s toothpaste, and it’s always in my cabinet. I always make sure I have two bottles just in case I run through one quickly or someone in my family needs a bottle of it.

Super Shine Toothpaste contains calcium hydroxyapatite, which is a type of calcium that has been proven to help rebuild the enamel on your teeth. Anyhow, that’s the top five that I wanted to talk about over in Australia. Katie, I’m looking at the United States as far as the top five over here. I kind of wrote them down quickly. We’ve got our coffee on there; we’re coffee drinkers. We like to have our cup of coffee every morning.

That’s right; it’s just a daily routine.

Okay, I was just saying, and coffee, the Sisel Cafe, the Sisel coffee line, for those of you that aren’t familiar with it, was ranked as the number one coffee in the network marketing industry recently. The coffee that we use is Panama Geisha Boquete coffee, rated as the number one tasting coffee in the Tasters Choice Awards for 15 years in a row. It’s excellent coffee. And then, we have Sisel Ript, one of the top five in the United States.

Sisel Ript contains an ingredient for which we can make claims because there was $25 million worth of research done on it. It helps to rebuild muscle. The original research was done on senior citizens because they found that the switches in your body that tell you to build new muscle shut off at a certain age. Dr. Wolf, the researcher, discovered how to make these switches come back on using branch chain amino acids. This signal helps rebuild muscle.

Fire and Ice, as I talked about earlier, is an energy drink. And then there’s Super Omega, which contains Omega-3s and CoQ10. CoQ10 is important, especially because we use a lot of cholesterol medications in the United States, which can affect the body’s metabolism. CoQ10 is crucial for overall health.

So that’s the top five in Australia, and that’s the top five in the United States. A little bit of my reasoning about why they might be there. I’ll wrap it up with that, Katie.

Okay, thanks, everyone, for joining the call today. We appreciate your participation. We’ve got an exciting call next weekend, which will mark the launch of shipping for Australia and some discussion about New Zealand. Please keep that in your diary. We look forward to it. I’ll be doing a training on Monday night, and I’ll send out the invitation shortly. Thanks again, everyone, for joining.

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