Toxic Free Sisel Skin Care – Age Reversal – Anti Aging – Alternative to Botox

Do you want to use diluted poison like Botox which is a toxin or Oleander on your skin?

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Sisel toxic free products are available in Australia. Sisel is Tom Mower’s company.
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This article is from Environmental News and Wikipedia, I strongly suggest anyone considering Botox to think again.

You can achieve the same effect of Botox without any harm to your body. The toxic free skin care will drastically reduce fine lines, wrinkles, eye bags and crows feet. Turn back the clock what are you waiting for.

Mass murder by botulism: Surge in Great Lakes bird deaths driven by invaders. Part 11 of Winged Warnings. Nonnative creatures such as gobies have been driving a deadly surge in avian botulism in the Great Lakes over the past 15 years, killing an estimated 80,000 birds, including endangered piping plovers. Now scientists are trying to unravel where and why the lethal toxin is building up in food webs, so they can predict which shorelines are death traps for birds. Botox is a dilute extract from the deadly poison botulism.

Nerium oleander has historically been considered a poisonous plant because some of its compounds may exhibit toxicity, especially to animals, when consumed in high amounts. Among these compounds are oleandrin and oleandrigenin, known as cardiac glycosides, which are known to have a narrow therapeutic index and can be toxic when ingested.

Toxicity studies of animals administered oleander extract concluded that rodents and birds were observed to be relatively insensitive to oleander cardiac glycosides.[12] Other mammals, however, such as dogs and humans, are relatively sensitive to the effects of cardiac glycosides and the clinical manifestations of “glycoside intoxication”.

Effects of poisoning
Oleandrin, one of the toxins present in oleander
Ingestion of this plant can affect the gastrointestinal system, the heart, and the central nervous system. The gastrointestinal effects can consist of nausea and vomiting, excess salivation, abdominal pain, diarrhea that may or may not contain blood, and especially in horses, colic.[7] Cardiac reactions consist of irregular heart rate, sometimes characterized by a racing heart at first that then slows to below normal further along in the reaction. Extremities may become pale and cold due to poor or irregular circulation. The effect on the central nervous system may show itself in symptoms such as drowsiness, tremors or shaking of the muscles, seizures, collapse, and even coma that can lead to death.

Oleander sap can cause skin irritations, severe eye inflammation and irritation, and allergic reactions characterized by dermatitis.[21]

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