Transfusium’s Anti Aging Effects are now even better!

Sisel Distributors are extremely excited to hear about Tom Mower’s new announcement. Sisel is combining AGE Pill ingredients in Transfusium!

That’s right folks, we are talking about an anti aging pill, combined into age reversal skin care.

Transfusium is already Sisel’s top selling AGE Reversal face cream. Personally I feel the current version of Transfusium already achieves magnificent results, (frankly blowing away any other anti aging cream on the market). How do I know? I always receive compliments on my youthful skin at the age of 44.

One thing I love about Sisel is nothing stands still, it keeps getting better and better. Why is this you may ask? Well, Sisel International is primarily a Research and Development Company.  First to market, cutting edge products is what Sisel is know for. As customers, we get to experience the latest scientific breakthroughs in anti aging products. This is very, very exciting!

But is it safe?
Sisel was founded on the concept of Sisel Safe. This dates back to the beginning of the Mower Mission, over 30 years ago, starting with Tom’s previous company Neways. The Mower Mission is based on the premise of brining safe, scientifically advanced products to consumers with no harmful ingredients.

So we can all rest assured we have the safest, most advanced natural product formulations science has to offer.

Transfusium Age Reversal

What’s happening with Sisel’s Transfusium?

This week, Tom Mower shared new product information about Sisel’s Transfusium. (Information taken Facebook post July 2018).

“6 new ingredients are being added to Transfusium and could have a dramatic effect to your “aged looking” face in 2-3-4 weeks with intensive treatment.”

“The new Transfusium reformulation will be out by Jan 1. You can now use the “AGE Pill inside and outside”. The new Transfusium will be heavily fortified with key AGE Pill ingredients.”

“Dramatic reduction of lines and wrinkles was observed after 14 days (in trials).”

Tom Mower says, “We are seeing tremendous effects with just ingesting it. Add it to Transfusium and the volcano goes off.”

“Do you have hyperpigmentation on your skin? Yes or No? It seems (NAM) Niacinamide can support what has been an unattainable feature desired for smooth clear, clean looking skin.”

“So if you are ok with hyperpigmentation do nothing. If you aren’t now there is something you really can do.”

“Restore the look, feel and appearance of aging wrinkled skin to like you were 30 forever…
Skin ages because of damage just as the rest of the body does. End decay and create more regeneration of new cells can take your skin back to a more youthful appearance.”

So there your have it folks, we will soon have this Super Powerful Product in our hands. Sometime early in the new year (2019).

I am sure you would be uncomfortable about not sharing this product with all your friends. I know I would!!

How to beat the signs of aging

How far will AGE Reversal take us? It is only a matter of time before science provides the answers to taking a very old looking face to an unrecognisable face of youth.


Last Updated on March 27, 2023 by Katie Sisel Distributor

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