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With Sisel you’re not just part of an energetic company, you’re in the most dynamic company in the world.

Tom Mower more than just a Visionary

Tom Mower more than just a Visionary


Our president and founder Tom Mower leads in the industry of innovation, recognised and honoured in at the Utah Genius Awards as one of the state’s Top 20 Trademark Registrants. Sakura Properties L.L.C., the holding company for SISEL’s intellectual property, registered 12 new trademarks in 2009. Utah Genius recognizes individuals, organizations, and cities that are at the heart of creativity and innovation, who have received new patents and trademarks within the past year.

Every single thing in the universe both seen an unseen is made-up of energy, knowing how to channel and tap into and use this energy is power to you. While many companies offer you a small portion of that energy through their products at Sisel Tom delights us by ensuring we are plugged into the most advanced products by researching research and developing the most updated formulations many of which are patented whiles other are patent pending.

Because of this we don’t rely on heavy advertising or celebrity endorsements. Our growth is evident, based solely and relies on science and from results we see from our users who continue to use our products. You are our growing business.

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