Treat your skin with the most luxurious body lotion

Treat your skin with the most luxurious body lotion, Sisel’s Coconut Body Milk Lotion

Every woman desires to have beautiful smelling soft skin delivered in the perfectly formulated all over body lotion. Women love to use an all over body lotion after a shower.

With the goal of making the world’s best body lotion, Tom Jr. took on the task of making THE BEST body lotion on the market today.

After months of gathering statistics on the best ingredients for a body lotion, viscosity, fragrance, etc. Leisel used the nerdy science skill of her brother Biochemist Tom Jr. to create a product that can match any lotion on the market today and come away superior in every way. Director of Sisel Beauty, Skin Care and Cosmetics Leisel Mower is excited to introduce Sisel’s new body lotion, Coconut Body Milk!

Coconut Body Milk lotion includes the following ingredients:

1. Coconut CreamLe
2. Coconut Water
3. Coconut Milk
4. Water
5. Aloe Vera (a specialized ingredient that’s 200x in strength)

Of course we all know the amazing restorative, moisturizing properties (as well as so many others) that Coconut has.

Included in Sisel’s Coconut Body Milk are 10 of the most effective essential oils for skincare:

1. Carrot seed
2. Lavender
3. Myrrh
4. Neroli
5. Patchouli
6. Rose
7. Tea Tree
8. Ylang Ylang
9. Frankincense
10. Lemon

Coconut Body Milk is topped off with the most luxurious ingredients that make it an extraordinary skin care product:

1. Shea Butter
2. Sweet Almond Butter
3. Sun Flower Oil
4. Jajoba Oil
5. Rosehip Seed Oil
6. Vitamin E. Acetate

Coconut Body Milk — Coming soon to Australia

Hydrate your skin while you making it soft and smooth with Sisel’s Coconut Body Milk. This amazing lotion will bring your skin back to its original elasticity while making your body smell like a tropical breeze full of coconuts. All natural ingredients assure you it’s completely paraben free so you know it’s Sisel Safe. Non sticky and makes skin glow.

Sisels Coconut Body Milk - Body Lotion

Last Updated on March 27, 2023 by Katie Sisel Distributor

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