Canine Wart

Age Pill Dog Beats Canine Wart

Milo is a 14 year old Labrador who had a problem with a Canine Wart.

The Canine Wart that was not healing, it was getting infected. I was concerned it was out of control.

Then I thought, if the AGE pill is really that good, then it should help Milo’s body fight this dog wart. Perhaps it will support a boost in her immune system. So we decided to see what would happen after her taking the AGE Pill, instead of going to the vet.

Guess what? The canine wart is nearly completely gone! It has only been 3 months. See the results for yourself from the picture below.

Canine Wart Age Pill Dog

Canine wart information from Dr Mercola

Dr Mercola talks about some interesting information about Canine Warts.

  • All dogs are assumed to have been exposed to the papilloma viruses; the warts are the result of an inadequate immune system response to the virus.
  • Dogs with competent immune systems typically do not develop papillomatosis.
  • Papillomas on aging dogs can be used as a gauge of how well the immune system is functioning
  • Unless the immune function problem is addressed, a dog’s body will continue to produce warts.

Reference: Dog Warts Treatment

In conclusion

I personally believe Milo’s immune system has been supported by this amazing product called the A.G.E. Pill. What do you think? Like to find out more about Milo the Age Pill Dog. Check out our YouTube series Growing Younger with Milo and Me.

Last Updated on March 27, 2023 by Katie Sisel Distributor

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