Age Pill Dog

Age Pill Dog Milo

I have a new nick name for Milo the Age Pill Dog. I even have jingle! Still early days, however very impressed with these results, her eyesight has improved, eyes appear to be more clear and she seems to have less grey hair on her muzzle. The Age Pill contains precursors to NAD+ among other ingredients. 6 weeks progress.

She started on one capsule a day  of the Age Pill, now she on one two one morning and night. These are impressive results for 6 weeks progress.

Watch the episodes here of Growing Younger with Milo and Me.

Age pill dog cataract appear to have reduced improved eye sight Sisel distributor australia

Age Pill Dog. Cataracts appear smaller eyesight has improved.

Age Pill Dog Cataract Reduced better vision

Milo’s Cataracts appear to have reduced, her vision has improved. Great results for a dog.

Age Pill Dog Less Grey Hair

Less gray hair after 6 weeks, impressive. Very happy with my dog’s results

Disclaimer: Please note Sisel does not promote any of it’s supplements for animal use. I chose personally to give the products to Milo.

Last Updated on March 27, 2023 by Katie Sisel Distributor

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