Alkaline Water

Alkaline Water is there really any health benefit?

Reference for this article Alkaline water vs hydrogen water by Tyler Lebaron. Ref.

How do you make alkaline water?

Let’s start with the two ways to make alkaline water.

  • Add some baking soda or sodium hydroxide to water or
  • Use a electrolysis machine

Each method creates different properties in the water.

People were getting benefits from hydrogen not alkaline water.

According to Le Bron people have been wrong when it comes to alkaline water. Tyler Lebaron believes that:

People were thinking it was the alkaline property of the water that was making them feel healthy. However it was the hydrogen gas that was being produced.

The alkalizer from the electrolysis machine creates hydrogen gas. All the benefits are eliminated, when you take the hydrogen gas and remove it from alkaline ionized water . Many studies have shown this

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Hydrogen is the real reason for the health benefits

Therefore this is proof it was the hydrogen that was creating the health benefits.

One of the pioneers in alkaline ionized water research is the president of the Korean water society. He is also advisor to the Hydrogen Institute.

He himself has done many studies showing that yes alkaline ionized water exerted these anti-diabetic and anti-cancer effects and a number of different things. However, when hydrogen gas was removed from the alkaline water, the benefits were eliminated

The medical community knew that the alkaline water claim never made sense.

Even if we subscribe to the concept that we need to alkalize our bodies and eat alkalizing foods or this kind of stuff you cannot do it with alkaline water. Why you ask? Because alkaline water is not a buffer.

In fact, in comparison is if we look at sodium bicarbonate which is our body’s natural buffer. This is baking soda, it is a natural buffer to the body.

A alkaline water maker would never have benefit without presence of hydrogen gas.

If you would like to hear more about this topic listen to Tyler Lebaron’s talk.

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