Do you buy your products direct from the manufacturer?

Sure everyone says their products are the best….do you buy direct from the manufacturer?

Discover why SISEL has the MOST ADVANCED PRODUCTS in the world…

TRANSCRIBED VIDEO – SISEL’S Manufacturing Tour by Tom Mower Senior, CEO and Co-Founder of Sisel International:

This is a very high tech lab, because the important thing with our company is the ingredients that make up our products. We’re not just making products and putting them into a bottle. We’re making them with very powerful expensive ingredients. And you know what? We don’t want them wasted. We put them in the concentration that’s necessary to give the maximum effect possible. And we put a lot of them in there.

So when you make a product, you have to heat it, cool it, blend it, do all kinds of things as the chemical reactions take place and we have to make sure the molecule, that active ingredient is viable and they’re in the quantity they’re supposed to be.

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SupraNaturals Sisel's Manufacturing Plant Most Advanced in the World

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