Find your Sisel story

Why finding your own personal Sisel product story will help your sales sky rocket

Dont sell your product tell your story!

There is always the opportunity to tell a story. That’s what your potential customer wants to hear.

When telling your story focus on thy why behind telling your story, why did you use the product? It’s one thing for your product users to know what your products does it features and benefits but it’s entirely another to share the motivation for why you cared enough to use it and then share it.

People emotionally engage with a good story

There is something about a good narrative that engages our minds and even our emotion. I love that about stories, and I love being a storyteller.

When telling a good story you can really capture a persons interest, people in general love to hear a story because your not telling them to buy your produdct you are sharing personal experience. That’s how you build trust with people and then they’ll be willing to listen to how your product works.People love others who share. The better you get a telling your story the more you will see people leaning in, with faces fixed in anticipation, hanging on every word. You can really capture someone’s attention this way.

Sharing your story humanzies you

Good stories produce an empathy that is hard to elicit from an audience in any other way. Stories are relatable, and if you can tell a good one, you make it easy for people to say “oh, me too!” and put themselves in your shoes. Once that happens, the natural implication of that is trust.

Once a person feels you are there to help them solve a problem and not just sell a product then your sales will reach a whole another level.


How to get a good story

The best way to get a great story is to use the Sisel products, the more products you use the more likely you will develop a really great story. With Sisel’s large range of cutting edge products its not hard to find a product that is a real stand out. Sisel’s products work so well and really address individual needs. Before long you will have trouble picking which story to use.
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Last Updated on March 27, 2023 by Katie Sisel Distributor

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