Health benefits of Resveratrol What is better than red wine?

Health benefits of Resveratrol – better than red wine?

Over 20 Thousand Scientific Studies have substantiated the exceptional health benefits of Resveratrol – a powerful nutrient found in its most potent form inside the dark purple Muscadine Grapes, which are used in the making of the world’s finest red wines, and to make Essential Eternity and Eternity – the world’s most potent and effective Resveratrol supplements, featuring a Patented Resveratrol Delivery System that maintains the high potency of the Resveratrol, which is all but virtually totally lost in all other “resveratrol supplements” through oxidation. Many of the studies on Resveratrol can be accessed on the US National Library of Medicine

New Research Says One Glass Of Red Wine Can Replace An Hour Of Exercise

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“If you’re anything like me, you have plenty of time for a glass of wine but just no time for a trip to the gym. Well never fear! New research from the University of Alberta has found that resveratrol, a compound in wine, benefits the body the same way exercise does.

The study, headed up by Jason Dyck, found that red wine can improve life and lifespan for people who cannot exercise. So it’s not exactly intended for us lazy types, but people who simply can’t exercise. Resveratrol was found to improve heart function and muscle strength, more so than a workout would”.


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