Stop wrinkly skin and hair loss

Would you be happy to stop wrinkly skin and hair loss?

Well thanks to a scientific breakthrough in August 2018 this may actually become reality.

Would you like to turn off aging in skin and stop hair loss? Sure, many people would want to avoid wrinkly skin and hair loss as they grow older. Wouldn’t they?

I think the biggest issues with the signs of aging is that when you get older and look and in the mirror you still feel like a young you, but the reflection is the mirror is saying something else.

Who wants to become a shell of the original self. Whilst it may seem like the pursuit of vanity it couldn’t be further from the truth.

It’s more than the just your outside appearance

The visible signs of aging are also linked to the internal signs, they are one in the same. Essentially your body is slowing wearing out. This happens from the age of 25.

What if you could reverse wrinkles and stop hair loss, or make it so they don’t happen in the first place.

Society become obsessed with the idea of preventing and undoing the signs of aging. While many have gone on the quest for finding the answer to a permanently youthful complexion, researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham may have discovered the solution and published it in the Cell Death & Disease peer-reviewed journal.

This discovery could have far reaching implications for all sorts of age-related diseases. Most age-related diseases typically kick in around 55-70 yrs of age for many people. 

The research findings show in animal studies show conclusive evidence in the visible signs of aging. More research needs to be done to test the far reaching health implications and its effects on age-related disease.

The findings are extraordinary

Essentially, researchers discovered that a gene mutation causes wrinkled skin and hair loss, and turning off that mutation restores the mouse to normal appearance.

“To our knowledge, this observation is unprecedented. We can only say that we may be able to regenerate healthy skin and hair.” exclaimed a researcher. Ref

The researchers discovered that a gene mutation called mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) depletion is what causes wrinkled skin and hair loss.

bald mouse wrinkles hair lossPicture of a mouse with hair loss and wrinkles due to mtDNA depletion.

The researchers induced mtDNA depletion in a mouse with the goal of determining how it effects the mouse aging.

The researchers measured different ways that mtDNA could be blocked to reduce the signs of wrinkled skin and hair loss.

When the researchers were able to turn off the gene mutation, the mouse in the experiment would return to their normal appearance. This led to the conclusion of a strong link between mitochondrial dysfunction, mitochondrial diseases, aging and aging-associated diseases being discovered.

An expert from the paper published in Cell Death & Disease explained how “The major finding of our study is that the ubiquitous depletion of mtDNA predominantly leads to wrinkled skin and hair loss accompanied by inflammatory phenotype…We discovered that these aging-associated phenotypic changes could be reversed by restoring mtDNA content to wild-type level. To our knowledge this observation is unprecedented.”

Sisel jumps on the science

One thing I love about Sisel International’s Tom Mower is his passion to prolong health, to live as long and has healthy as possible.

Tom has been reviewing these research findings to see how they could translate to natural ingredients that could potentially benefit humans. He is looking into a natural supplement.

Since the Mowers own their own research and development facility and one of the largest supplement manufacturing facilities in the USA, they have the ability to take breakthrough science and turn it into a cutting edge product.

Furthermore, Sisel research and product development is not restricted or constrained in the same way other researchers encounter.

Will wrinkles and hair loss be a thing of the past?

In an exciting announcement this month Tom Mower announced: “The aging gene can be turned off, resulting in dewrinkling and sagging going away at a reasonable rate…..& SISEL has discovered how to do it”.

So there you have it folks get ready for a breakthrough product to add to the AGE Pill and Sisel’s H2 Stix. Hopefully, we will see it before the end of year. In a previous talk, I heard Tom mention a new product to be called DaBomb. I guess it will be DaBomb.

Stop wrinkly skin and stop hair loss

Last Updated on March 27, 2023 by Katie Sisel Distributor

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