How to Improve Your Life Expectancy

What if, by following some simple steps you can improve your life expectancy and add more years to your clock. The ideal “long life pill” would mean living healthier and  longer. Let’s look at

Ten ways you could increase your life expectancy and enjoy good health

  1. Find meaning and purpose to life

People who think their life has meaning and purpose die later than people with a lower sense of personal well being, according to a new study. Ref.

About 9,000 people over age 65 were followed for eight and half years as part of a study published in the Lancet. The study showed that happier people tended to outlive their less fulfilled peers. Over the eight years, just 9% of people in the highest wellbeing category died, compared to 29% in the lowest category. Previous research has linked happiness to a longer life, and this new finding adds to the theory. Ref.

If you are lacking meaning and purpose you can try to connect with more than one passion in your life and surround yourself with positive goal oriented people.

2. Have desire to be long lived

The desire to live a long life coupled with the  belief it’s possible, is surprisingly one key to life expectancy.  A person who has the goal and desire to increase their life expancantcany and the belief it is possible will automatically seek out ways to turn possibility to reality. In the process of doing this you are more likely to look after yourself and discover steps to enable this reality. Your must be one of them or your woulend be readying this article now!

This can be further illustrated. Those who have overcome near-death experiences with no explanation, have described the will (desire) to live as a direct component of their survival.[2] Ref.

  1. Fast intermittently

We all know people who go on a protein diet, low carb diet, low fat diet, but longevity seems to come from overall calorie restriction as well. Ref. If you fast intermittently you effectively reduce your calorie intake.

So skipping meals can actually good. By reducing your total calories and maintaining a balanced diet you can achieve improved health.

To benefit from intermittent fasting Dr Curt recommends you try the following. Try fasting from 6pm to 12 midday the following day. 18 hours of not eating. Do this two times a week.

  1. Exercise

Kick into action with exercise and diet. Exercise is important. A large and growing body of epidemiological data have studied and confirmed the benefits of physical activity on longevity. Ref.

You don’t have to run a marathon, you can do it with moderate sprints. As you age and lose the function of being able to exercise, you also lose the ability to respond to exercise. Your metabolism can slow down as a results of muscle loss. Maintaining exercise assists you to maintain your muscle mass.

How to improve your life expectancy - exercise

  1. Ditch Excess Sugar

Sugar in excess is considered a toxin and if invented scientifically today, it would be placed on the shelf with all other toxins. It is addicting. It is harmful. It can be fatal.

Excess sugar attaches to proteins, causing glycation, and that can cause malfunction of the protein. What if that protein is part of your DNA, your enzymes, your collagen, or your nervous tissue? Universtiy of Wisconsin found eat less live longer longer.

In addition to benefits of healthier living, leading U.S. dermatologist claims that ditching sugar will make you look ten years younger.  Ref.

  1. Boost Good Bacteria

When you’re healthy, bacteria are kept safely inside your gut. For the most part, the bacteria and your gut live in harmony. According to studies, the gut has been known to nurture or even control the behaviour of the bacteria for your well-being.

There is a balance of healthy bacteria vs harmful bacteria in what is called the microbiome. These bacteria fight off the bad ones that we are exposed to everyday. they also help with digestion and aid in the ability to ward off toxins. After the age of 20, these bacteria start to lose strength and the bad unhealthy bacteria take over.

Your gut bacteria is first line of defense against bacteria, viruses and fungal infections. A decline in health can result when any of these get out of control.

Studies show, a diet supplemented with a specific probiotic bacterial strain increases the lifespan of mice. Ref.

So,supplementing your diet with a good quality probiotic is a smart way to boost the supply of good bacteria. So if you are thinking about increasing your life expectancy and overall health I personally recommend Balance D.

  1. Order a DNA Test

We inherit our genetics from our parents who inherited their genes from their parents. The genetic profile for each one of is completely different than that of another, even our own siblings. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an owners manual so you had an idea of how your body would react?

Ordering a DNA test will provide you guide to making better choices to increase your longevity. Genetic-sequencing companies are going beyond ancestry and disease risk to offer specific lifestyle recommendations. Certain DNA changes can better predict a person’s life expectancy than traditional risk factors such as age. This is relatively new at the time of writing this article, however it certainly  has credibility. Furthermore, the findings could lead to novel insights into the molecular mechanisms of aging and new ways to evaluate methods for slowing the rate of aging. Ref.

  1. Protect your telomeres

Look after your telomeres and mimmise telomere shortening.

Telomere shortening is associated with cellular senescence and is implicated in tumorigenesis and cancer, according to studies. Hence, mean telomere length has emerged as a replicative clock within each population of cells and the tissues and organs they build up in vitro and, consequently, as a biomarker for biological ageing in vivo.

After learning about telomeres I decided to use TSX to provide maximum support for my DNA and telomeres. This news clip will give you a better understanding.

Turn on SIRTUIN genes and protect your telomers

  1. Turn on your SIRTUIN genes

Sirtuian genes are your genetic repair mechanisms.

The main defender in your body is Sirt1 Gene which is activated by resveratrol (in animal studies), and powered by NAD+. The natural compound resveratrol has been found to unleash the anti-aging power of sirtuins (in animal studies). Grapes, plums, blueberries, and cranberries contain resveratrol in the highest concentrations. Many other plants produce smaller amounts. Resveratrol’s power to enhance your life goes beyond anti-aging.Interesting to note, Sirtuin genes cannot function without NAD+

  1. Boost your levels of NAD+

NAD+ is found in every single living cell, if you removed it your body would perish in less than half a minute. At the age of 50, approximately 50% of your NAD+ is gone in comparison to the amount available in your 20’s. NAD+ cannot be taken orally. With decreasing amounts of NAD+ you are more susceptible to disease/aging. Several precursors for NAD+ have been discovered. Two include:

  • NR Nicotinamide Riboside
  • NMN Nicotinamide Mononuceotide

These are safe to take orally and when given to mice it extended their lives. Not only did they live longer, they thrived. Outperforming younger mice. Mice who lived to the equivalent of a 75 yo were biologically more like a 21 yo. Effectively we can say we can reverse the signs of aging. However pricing is an issues as it is approximately $1000-2000/gram.

In conclusion, we can’t approach the treatment of aging in the same way. We need to look at treating the entire human body at once. Using a multipronged step approach you have the greatest chance of improving your life expectancy

Many search for life extension pills, finding information about metaformin life extension.  However as previously discussed, we feel metaformin misses the mark. Furthermore, if you are seeking interested in health living and anti aging science the AGE pill is the perfect option. There is a strong connection to NAD longevity, which means once you understand the science, you will want to jump on board and try the AGE pill. If you would like more information check out our AGE Pill reviews.

Boost your levels of NAD+

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