January Sisel Weight Loss Pack

Well, hey, Katie! Welcome to the call. Everyone, welcome to the call. My name is Dr. Curt Ficenec; everybody just calls me Doc Fizz. I’ve got my friend and business partner, Katie Larking who is a nutrition coach specialist down in Australia. I’m up here in Fargo, North Dakota, up in the states, and today we really want to talk about the January promo, the Sisel weight loss pack.

Yeah, so thanks, Katie, for introducing me. So yeah, we’re doing a quick bite-size video, just little bits of information for you to digest. And this is a great pack, Curt. Have you purchased it?

You know, I have all of these products. I’m buying a variety of them pretty much every month, especially the Sisel Balance D, the Sisel Thin, the Sisel Turn and Burn. But I had already purchased a bunch of Sisel products and Sisel Supra Detox before January. Anywhere, fantastic. Great. Would you want to tell everyone a little bit about each product in this pack?

You bet. Like you said, we’re going to try and do quick 5 to 10-minute videos and keep it short so people can listen to it in between running between jobs or going home from work, things like that. But Sisel Thin is a protein shake. It’s really unique in the way that the protein is made, and I’m not going to get into it, but it’s an undenatured protein, which means that your body can use it better, and it actually helps you burn fat better. It also tastes really good. It’s a good meal replacement for those times when you’re trying to cut the calories back.

The Sisel Thin is a favorite product of mine. It helps your body go into ketosis. For all of you who have tried to lose weight, I’m sure you’ve looked into ketosis, and it’s kind of gotten a bad rap because a lot of people say, “Oh, it’s a bacon diet where you have to eat meat and fat all the time.” That’s not necessarily true. Sisel Thin has BHB, which is a type of protein amino acid that your body makes. It helps trigger your body to go into ketosis, which is a fat-burning mode.

For weight loss, a lot of people don’t think about it, but Sisel Balance D is really important because where do you digest your food? Where do you absorb your vitamins and minerals? In the gut. If you don’t have a healthy gut, you’re not going to absorb your vitamins and minerals the way you’re supposed to. So, Sisel Balance D is on top of the list for that.

And then, when you talk to some people, they say, “Every time I try and diet, I get sick. I start feeling sick.” I’ve just had a couple of people in the last week tell me that they started dieting, and they started feeling sick. Well, you know what that is? That’s because your body is detoxifying. Most toxins are fat-soluble, which means they dissolve in fat. When you start burning fat as energy, those toxins are released into your body. Sisel Supra Detox helps to pull them out and clean up that system, so you don’t get that weight loss sickness that a lot of people talk about.

And the Sisel Turn and Burn, Boy, I tell you what, that product came out just a little over a year ago, and Sisel Turn and Burn is fantastic. A lot of people are finding that they lose weight. It’s based on some new science. When I went to college, they taught us about white fat and brown fat. White fat is made at certain times of your life only. You don’t make it all of your life, only during certain times. It’s the storage fat, kind of that fat that your body saves for a rainy day. Sisel Turn and Burn, it turns that white storage fat into brown energy fat. It’s chemically made up of a little bit different fatty acids.

So, you want to turn that white fat into brown fat. The Sisel Turn and Burn product, the product that you take during the day, turns the fat burners on in your body, so you literally become a fat-burning furnace. We’re seeing a lot of people losing weight. I’m using it on my weight loss team that we’re doing right now. I’m really pushing the Sisel Turn and Burn product. Katie, that’s just a quick rundown on the products. I didn’t get into the details. I didn’t get into the sisel product ingredients, but a lot of that you and I have covered over and over again.

Fantastic. Just to finish off with the Sisel Lean, it comes in chocolate and vanilla. The vanilla is great because it’s more versatile in terms of adding different things to it. You can add fruit to it, nuts, of course, you could do that to the chocolate too. But I think Sisel Lean vanilla is a bit more versatile in that way. Those are two great flavors. As you said, with that shake, if you replace one meal with that shake and you continue to eat as you normally do, not eating more or less, and you were to replace one meal, you would, in fact, lose weight because you’d be reducing your calorie intake. You know how much weight you lose depends on how much you’re eating in the other two meals. But it’s just a great meal replacement. It’s also great for after the gym as well for that extra protein. The importance of having a little bit of protein at each meal is really important too, to help with metabolism, to help with your hunger, helps satisfy you a lot more than having just a straight carbohydrate meal. So obviously, it’s important for muscle too. I mean, we could talk about it all day long, but let’s leave it there. I think you’ve summarised it. I think it’s pretty convincing how these old products work together and why you’d want to purchase them. This is a great pack, and it’s $205, available now in your back office for the month of January. So thanks for tuning in. Thanks, bye-bye.

Last Updated on January 23, 2024 by Katie Sisel Distributor