The Sisel AGE Pill and Weight Loss

So tonight we want to talk about how we can tie a nutritional formula supplement that’s really designed for, and you’ll know by the name when we say it, was designed to help people slow down the aging process. Yeah, but we want to tie it into weight loss. How does it relate to weight loss? Yeah.

So, yeah, it’s a really good question. You know, we did a call on Monday night. We’re doing a motivational check-in call each week till the end of April for anyone who’s really looking for some support and motivation, inspiration to keep them on track with their weight loss goals. So we had that call on Monday night, and Robbie shared just an awesome testimonial. She’s been using the Sisel AGE Pill and she’s found that it’s helped tremendously with her pain levels. Now, we can’t make any claims, but coincidentally, her pain levels started dropping also as she started losing weight too and taking the age pill. She found a reduction in pain, she found that her mood and her level of happiness has gone up, and she’s not in pain anymore. So she’s feeling really happy and really excited about the results and wanting to share that with others. So, you know, this is kind of not uncommon for us to hear these types of stories, and people talk about how much they love this product. Do you want to share with everyone who’s listening, you know, a little bit of the science and how it could potentially work that way?

Well, there are actually two bits of science that are involved with it. I’m going to talk about the one first that I’ve got a little bit more history with, right, because I learned about, do you remember years ago, there was a drug called Fen-Fen? No, no. Oh, you don’t remember that? Well, there was a drug on the market, and maybe it was only here in the States, maybe it didn’t make it down to Australia, but there was a drug on the market. I think it was on the market for about five or 10 years, and you saw weight loss centers popping up all over the place. These medical doctors would start their own weight loss center, and all they do is hand out this drug called Fen-Fen. And what the drug would do is it would totally wipe out your appetite. I mean, I knew people who wouldn’t eat for three days.

Well, that’ll it if you’re not, if you’re not got any appetite, you’re definitely going to lose weight because you’re not eating, yeah. And the problem with it was is that they were burning weight so fast that they were burning lean muscle. Yeah, that’s not good. And I met the doctor who put the Fen-Fen together in the first place. He was the one who basically invented it, and he took all of his patients off of it after the first 30 to 60 days. He said there’s a problem with this. He said it worked. It works too good. We’re going to have an issue. And sure enough, a couple of years later, people started having heart problems, cardiovascular problems because it was burning away all of the muscle in the heart.

Oh, God, it was causing problems. But in the meantime, Dr. Marty, he put together a natural replacement for the Fen-Fen. And the cool thing about natural products is that it doesn’t cause you to trick your body into doing something that it’s not supposed to do. Drugs will trick your body into doing abnormal things. That’s why the Fen-Fen was dangerous. And that’s why kind of this natural thing, and what it was based on was L5-hydroxytryptophan. Love that ingredient.

That’s one of the ingredients in the AGE pill, right? Yeah. So L5-hydroxytryptophan when you take it and you have adequate levels of vitamin C and the B vitamins, what it does is it converts your body metabolizes that into serotonin. Nice, which is the feel-good hormone. And that’s why people feel good. But the other thing about serotonin is serotonin makes you feel full. So we don’t have a lot of serotonin in the AG pill, the L5-hydroxytryptophan which converts into the serotonin. I made a mistake.

We don’t have any serotonin in, but we don’t have a lot of  L5-hydroxytryptophan. And so you don’t get, you know, we’re not going to say it’s a weight-loss product, right? But it’s, but it’s got the, it’s got the L5-hydroxytryptophan. So some of the people who are having issues with low levels of serotonin are going to notice that their serotonin levels are boosted. And they’re going to notice some of that hunger suppression. And they’re going to feel good, of course, because of the serotonin boost. But Katie, the other thing is that we’ve got a number of ingredients that when combined together, you know, they make, your body have more energy. Yes, very important. It makes hydrogen, and hydrogen is the optimum energy source. Right, you look at all these car manufacturers. What are they trying to do? They’re trying to come up with a hydrogen cell for your car because it is the optimum energy source. And in our body, the ingredients that are in the AGE pill, what they do is they help your body make more of this natural hydrogen, which is a natural energy source. And so you’re going to have more energy. But, uh, it does a couple of other things too. Is that they found that when you take these nutritional products together, which is what’s in the Age Pill, what it does is it cleans up this lipofuscin.

And what lipofuscin is, lipofuscin is the byproduct of burning fat as energy. Well, guess what we’re doing when we’re doing a keto diet, right? We’re forcing people to eat more fat. So you’re going to have more buildup of lipofuscin. Of course, that’s going to come along with that keto diet, which a lot of people are doing keto diets. But even if you’re not doing a keto diet, if you’re just trying to lose weight and you’re burning fat as energy, which is what we want to do, right? That’s the whole idea of me trying to lose weight. I don’t want to lose muscle. I want to lose fat. So as I lose fat, then, of course, I’m going to produce more of this lipofuscin in my body.

And so the age pill helps to get rid of that. And on top of that, for all of us that have been eating carbohydrates, especially processed sugar, we end up with this other byproduct, right? And what’s the name of the other byproduct from sugar metabolism? Yeah. So we’ve got glycation and lipofuscin, but glycation is the main one. There are glycated end products, and what they are is they’re the by products of burning sugar as energy. So think of it as an engine in your car, again. You know, I’m into the car thing, but think of it as an engine in your car. It gets a buildup of this sludge down in the bottom of the engine. When you get that buildup of sludge, the engine can’t work as efficiently.

So it’s not going to burn energy as well. So if we can take and get rid of lipofuscin, which is the byproduct of fat, and if we can get rid of this glycated end products, we, it’s the byproduct to burn sugars energy, all of a sudden, we’re going to have a better engine. We’re going to be more efficient, and we’re going to burn that fat more efficiently off your body. So you’re going to become a more efficient fat burner. Yeah, fantastic. That’s fantastic.

So yeah, serotonin is a neurotransmitter, but it also acts as a hormone. So it carries the messages between nerve cells in your brain throughout your body’s peripheral nervous system. So pretty important stuff, you bet. And so all of these things all link together, you know, and I try and tell people that, you know, I’m not going to push this product on you or that product on you. I mean, just if you want to become an efficient fat burner, here’s another product that you might want to take a look at, yeah, absolutely. Well, that’s some great information today. Thanks for sharing that. And hopefully, this is insightful for anyone listening to it. We appreciate you taking the time out of your day to tune in. All right, thanks, everyone. Thanks, Katie. Thanks. Bye-bye.

Last Updated on February 11, 2024 by Katie Sisel Distributor