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Excellent! Welcome, everyone. If you are just in the Facebook group, watching us live, or perhaps you’re watching the recording, thanks for stopping by, thanks for jumping on, and we’ve got a few people on the call tonight, which is great.

Tonight is the 15th of January, the Monday night check-in for the weight loss team, and anyone else who’s interested in trying to get their weight back on track. You’re welcome to join us; we’d love to have you on.

So, tonight I wanted to go over a few things and cover, so we’ll go for about 15-20 minutes. We’ve got a few new people on, so Gay is on, we’ve got Carmel, Sylvia, Geraldine, Sandy, and K. So welcome, everyone. Thanks for all getting on the call.

This week, Sisel has a new pack out for this month, a discounted pack. The products aren’t new, but the pack is new, and I wanted to quickly share that with everyone. I’m just going to share my screen here, give a second.  Okay, so you can see here on my screen, we’ve got a pack, and this Sisel Weight Loss Pack priced at 205 USD, and you get quite a few products in there.

You’ve got the Sisel Supra Detox. That is a great product for removing mucoid plaque from the gut and also helping to remove the backlog. This is a great product to start with if you’re starting your weight loss journey with us or if you’re wanting to just kickstart your weight loss. It’s a really good product to start using. Is there anyone on the call tonight that’s using or started with the Sisel Supra Detox?

I’m just gonna… All, did you start last year?

I did, but I wasn’t organised enough for this year.

Okay, I get the pack and started then.

Yeah, great. So, you can always bring it in at any point. It’s a 4-day cleanse, and it’s really great for getting your bowels moving. This is a key thing with weight loss; we really want to make sure that we’ve got regular bowel movements. A lot of people don’t eat enough fiber, aren’t eating enough fruits and vegetables, and it really will slow down your digestive track. But it also slows down your energy level as well. Your energy level will drop if your bowels aren’t working really well, and you want to have a really good healthy gut balance, and that’s fundamental to underpinning your weight loss.

We’ve got Balance D in this pack as well. So, this is a pre and probiotic, and it also has vitamin D in it. It’s a great product, and it’s also got fiber. So, this is a fantastic product. You can crack the capsules and add them to your food as you like. So, that’s in the pack. We’ve also got Sisel Thin. So, Sisel Thin is another great product in the Sisel weight loss range. Ian, do you want to tell people a little bit about Sisel Thin?

Yeah, I remember, I think. I don’t think I’ve actually taken it. Not sure.

Yeah, I think you have. I was taking it last time, I think. Yeah, I know, it was a really good product, and I developed a bit of a weight loss program with it last year. And this year, I haven’t used that; I’m using something else.

Yeah, so it was really good. I actually achieved a goal in my goal, anyway, in a number of months. It wasn’t too hard, wasn’t too long, and then we were able to maintain it until Christmas came. Unfortunately, it all went back on then. But, no, Sisel Thin has got a lot of compounds in it, which are really good, excellent stuff.

Yeah, fantastic. So yeah, the Sisel Thin, and I’ve just got it here. So, it’s got the fucoxanthin and the fucoidon in there. This assists with fat burning and is designed to help put your body into thermogenesis. It really helps to put your body into fat-burning mode. It’s quite an effective product for those that have used it. For a lot of people, obviously, it doesn’t work as well for some as it does for others because we can’t make claims on the product. It is recommended that you’re eating a good diet along with taking products. So that’s also important to remember.

You’ve got the Sisel Turn and Burn in there as well. So, you’ve got the day formula and the nighttime formula. These products are designed again to boost the metabolism, help you burn more calories, help with your energy levels, help you feel better. So, these two are great combination products. And then, of course, the Sisel Lean, which you can’t go past as a meal replacement. If you were just going to take the Sisel Lean by itself and replace one meal a day with a shake and you were disciplined to do that and not eat extra, you would lose weight because you’re reducing your overall calorie intake. So, at the end of the day, what we want to make sure we’re doing is we’re not burning more calories than we’re consuming. So that’s really important.

So, I just wanted to let everyone know about this pack that’s 205, and also this month we’ve got free sign up as well. So this month and next month, with the weight loss competition, you can use any product. It doesn’t have to be this pack or any of those products; it can be anything of your choosing. Another great product that you might want to consider is the Sisel Age Pill. This is a really great product for boosting your energy levels. It helps to boost your ATP, remove cellular sludge, and people get a really good enhanced energy level from taking Sisel Age Pill. I will not be without this product; I absolutely love it. It can really facilitate your weight loss journey as well.

I’m just going to stop that share there. So, we’ve got quite a few on. Welcome, Sally, too. Thanks for joining us.

Would anyone like to share something uplifting that’s going to help lift everyone else up in the group or anyone who’s listening to the call about their weight loss journey? Something positive that’s happened for them today or realization or they were happy with something that happened or they’ve had success with losing weight.

Absolutely, I’ll just jump in here. Kate, okay, good. Great. Doing a bit of reading in all the products that Sisel offers. The Turn and Burn, even though it’s got a few things there that may affect my genetic setup, but there is a product in it which I really think is phenomenal. It’s called kudu, and its main aim, I’ve been reading, is to increase the adipose brown cells, which are the ones that actually help you lose weight, specifically for me in the middle. The more of those you have and you can produce, the quicker you lose weight, and they consume the white fat cells. Maybe you can pick that up, and you’ve got a better knowledge of it than me, but yeah, I’m finding that it’s helping me considerably.

Now I’ve only been doing this much since last Monday last; you look like you’ve already lost weight.

I have, yeah. I’ve lost about five or four kilograms or something, really.

Yeah, so my face has got thinner, yes, my body, but my mid-stem is still a little bit to go. That’s the last to go, usually, with the rest of my body is now. I’m really focusing on not losing muscle; I want to bring the muscle mass up.

Excellent, and that’s, I think I mentioned to you way back that I’ve got a bit of a goal, and that was my two grandsons are muscle builders, and they’re six foot somethings, and I’m only a garden gnome. So, I’m thinking I’m having this; I want this six-pack to appear. Yeah, I’m looking forward to any ideas that people have that can help that with me.

But, no, I know that these products here, especially that Sisel Turn and Burn , really helped me. A question I have, Katie, is that there are two aspects to Sisel Turn and Burn. The first one seems to have a lot of properties, but how about the second one? The melatonin for me is probably a bit of a challenge. So, can you just take one and not the other, or you need both?

Absolutely. So, if you’re buying the products, they obviously come together. You can’t buy them separately, but you definitely can take one of the products; you don’t have to take both. So, obviously, melatonin helps with sleep and detoxification of the body, helps to improve your sleep cycle, and sleep is really important for weight loss. If we don’t get enough sleep, we’re not going to lose as much weight as if we have a couple of good weeks of good sleep.

So, that’s probably a big challenge for people. It’s not to say you can’t still lose the weight; you still can if you’re doing all the right things. It’s not a deal-breaker, but it certainly helps. Yes, so, great. Sally’s taking the Inner Chi for Her and she’s got the Kudu as well. And I was just reading her comment there, just to share with the group. Hang on, what does it say? I’ve lost my chat box. Can you see the chat box? Ah, there it is. Yeah, I agree. So, she said that her friend mentioned that she’s lost weight already. Have you? So, do you want to unmute yourself, Sally, and just share with everyone?

Hi, Katie. Hi.


I started Ener three weeks before I got on the weight loss thing. So, and then I’m doing the Turn and Burn as well, day and night. And I’ve also been drinking a whole lot of water. I’ve been trying to do the two and a half liters of water, which I think really, really helps.


And how have you been going since last week?

Really good. I think I’ve lost about 5 cm on my waist.

Oh, fantastic.


So, which is like, wow. I’m only trying to stick with veggies in the evening, but so no breakfast, and lunch I just try to have fruit. But yeah, only evening dinner, so I’d have a meal in the evening.

Okay. And you’re getting protein with the meal?

Yeah, definitely, like chicken or fish.

Or, yeah.

Okay, great. Fantastic. Well, you’re off to a great start, so that’s wonderful.

So, yeah, we’ve got quite a few people now who are joining us for this challenge. So, we’re going to do these calls every Monday to help keep people on track, and we’ve just got Julie just joining us as well. So, would anyone else like to share something positive that’s helpful, motivational, inspirational to the others on the call that they’ve had happen or experienced or thought this week?

Do you want to share anything? I’ll just mute; there was feedback there. Would anyone else like to share

Well, Katie, I’ve lost 1.2 kilos so far.

Oh, fantastic. Yeah, and I’ve lost 5 cm — I mean, three from the waist, I think, and two from the hips.

Wow, yeah. So that’s starting to go down, which is really good. Fantastic. I took on board your tip last time because I was having blueberries and hemp seeds and almond milk, and that, but looking at it, I don’t think there was much protein in it.


So sometimes I’ll add just a little bit of the Sisel into my breakfast cereal as well or into some soup because I’m doing a cleansing. Like tonight, I made a garlic and spinach soup, which was really delicious. So every now and then, I just put a little bit of protein powder in those things as well.

Yeah, fantastic. Yeah, so that’s good. Because I know that last time in the challenge previously last year, you were struggling a bit with losing the centimeters around the middle, and now you’re saying you’ve already lost some. So that’s fantastic.

Yeah, I think I noticed the centimeters going before the weight, actually, last time.

Okay, yeah. So, yeah, but we’ve had a lot of stormy weather at the moment. So today’s been a very much indoors day, and so was yesterday. So we’re just waiting for it to fix up to get outside again.

Okay, fantastic. Yeah, good. Okay, great. And so I want to share also just before we finish. I did a post just recently; it’s actually about caffeine. It’s quite helpful to know this. This is a good tip. So there was research study that was done, and it showed that if you consume coffee 30 minutes before aerobic exercise or before you’re doing your exercise generally, that it enhances your fat burning, particularly if it’s done in the afternoon as well.

Because the caffeine helps to stimulate the central nervous system, increases metabolic rate, and helps to release fatty acids and fat stores to be used during exercise. So with that in mind, Sisel has quite a few products that have the buffered caffeine, which is the slow-release caffeine. So they’ve got the Fire and Ice and the Sisel Sport. The caffeine in these products is released slowly into the body; it’s not dumped into your body very quickly like having just general coffee.

Also, the other great product, obviously, Sisel’s coffee is fantastic for that as well. However, if you are caffeine-sensitive — some people are caffeine-sensitive based on their genetics — they might have arterial fibrillation; they might have irritable bowel; they might find caffeine irritates them, or if they’ve got estrogen issues, caffeine can be a challenge there because it can potentially block the metabolism of estrogen. So if you’re looking for an alternative product and you don’t want to take the caffeine, then the Sisel H2 Stik is really good for energy. It helps with bowel movements because it’s got a good amount of magnesium, it’s got the atomic hydrogen in there as well, and it’s a fantastic product. It helps you get your water intake because you know you’re having water obviously when you put the stick into the water. So this is a great alternative for people who might have an issue with caffeine. But that’s just interesting to note. That’s just one of the ingredients in those products that Sisel has.

So I wanted to share that with everyone tonight, and that’s great. So Sylvia’s just said she’s going to leave. Her connection is unstable. Okay, great. So we’re going to be running this for four months. It’ll go till the end of April, so you’ve got plenty of time. If you’re having a bad week or a bad day, don’t beat yourself up, be nice to yourself, hit the reset button, and tomorrow is always a new day. So it’s about consistency and being consistent, and what you achieve over the week. So if your one day is not so good, but then you know the next four days are good, that’s okay; it’s like it’s going to even out, and you’re sort of ahead by the end of the week. So that’s really important. And also, just to mention before we finish, just a tip to remember to get your fruit and vegetable intake in because they are the foods that have the most amount of fiber.

Or not the most, but a high amount of fiber, and the recommended intake for fruit is a couple of servings a day and for vegetables five servings, which is 375 grams, which is actually quite a lot. And I think that if you were able to do that every day — and it’s quite hard; it’s actually really hard to hit that every day — but you’ll find that your weight will really fall off if you can hit those targets as well. So obviously, if you’re doing keto, then you would have different types of fruit, low sugar like berries, and a couple of other options in there as well. So it just depends on what style of diet you’re following, but generally, those are really good to be doing every day. And they’re not really — you’re not really going to gain weight; obviously, if you’re having potatoes or something like that as a vegetable, that’s to be excluded. But generally, you can eat as much fruit and vegetables. And I believe that Weight Watchers — I don’t know if anyone knows this — but they count those vegetables and fruit for zero points to allow people who do their program to eat unlimited.

So don’t feel guilty about that if you’re going to overindulge; it would be on that. So I’ll leave it there.

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